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Warm up a cup of  and catch up with where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing!

We welcomed our new writer, Lenae! If you missed her vlog that closed out the week be sure to go see it, it will have you laughing and dancing!

Check Out the September Simple Swap!Hyacynth and Robin from Diet Coke on the Rocks launched Simple Swaps. 15 minutes for a simple change, this month it’s a creativity oasis! Link up is open until 9/30 and you could win a beautiful Scentsy Warmer to fill your own creative space!

Are you road-trippin’ this fall? Hyacynth has a feature at CBS Local on the best Chicago Area Road Trip stops.

Sarah tackled the need to be correctt both in herself and her 5  year old for the Joplin Globe.

Have you joined our book club yet? Discussion for Chapter 3 is up. Have you linked up your writing practice yet?

It’s a week for linky’s! The Writing me Linky is up and live and will be up for over a month! This month’s theme is “Where I’m From” if you’ve written a post to this poem, even if it was a long time ago, link up and share with us! We would love to get to know you and where your from.

Melissa’s Dress Like a Girl Challenge for September is moving into the bedroom, you have one more week to join in, link up is 9/26!

In Chicagoland? Be Sure to check out Hyacynth list of  Off the Beaten Path Fall Favorites at CBS local.

Tackling Chores with Sarah over at the Joplin Globe.

Calling all Mamas! Sarah want’s your Birth Stories to share why she is on her babymoon!

Do you homeschool? Lenae is starting a new Sunday feature, A Spoonful of Homeschool with stories of their homeschooling adventure.

Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing visited us this week for Writing Me, did you see Where she’s From?

What have you been up to this past week?

Have you been featured somewhere or have some exciting news you want to share? E-mail Melissa {PBinmyHair at gmail dot com} by Sunday night to be included. 


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