Daily Archives: September 26, 2011

A Week of Inspiration

It’s a gray rainy day here in the Midwest, it makes it hard for me to get motivated, get moving,coming up with creative ideas.  Lucky for you (if you’re in the same boat) Bigger Picture Blogs has you covered this week at least a week’s full of exciting post ideas!

You could:

– Join in Melissa’s Dress Like a Girl Challenge, link up all week with how you ditched the oversized, overworn, pajamas and got girly.

– Infuse a space and your mind with creativity in Hyacynth’s Simple Swaps, link up open for only 4 more days (and there’s a giveaway!)

– Join us in seeing the Bigger Picture and savoring the simple moments this Thursday, hosted by Lenae this week.

– Join in our community writing project and tell us Where are you From?


– Explore your writer’s  mind and join our Book Club, this week we’re revisiting an old sentencee and seeing where it takes us.

Join s for one, or for all because the journey (and the meme, the book, the challenge) is better with Friends!