Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Welcome Lenae!


When we think of Bigger Picture Blogs’ purpose, we think of passion and creativity and community. We think of family and friendship and depth. We also think of frivolity and fun and living life in a way that makes sure we’re paying attention to all of those things.

Perhaps most of all, we think of reality and hope and ways to bring those two elements together in a beautiful way.

And when it came time for us to bring another writer and friend on-board as part of our team, we knew we wanted to welcome somebody who, to us, embodies all of these ideals and more.

So we are completely thrilled to announce our newest writing partner and friend – will you welcome her with us?!

Lenae is a dear, tender-hearted mama and friend we’ve all come to love and we know you will, too. That is, if you haven’t already! Blogging at {Just} Lenae, she shares her life in candid, silly shots as well as soul-searching pieces. Spend some time in her archives for a taste of her gorgeous writing, storytelling, and family-building. She’s real, and she’s beautiful….

And now, she’s OURS!! Well, okay, she’s so generous and gracious that it’s fair to say she’ll share herself with us all (especially if we offer her a Chick-Fil-A milkshake).

Please join us for the rest of the week as we get to know her a little bit better! Yesterday, she shared a taste of where she’s from in our Writing Me workshop, so be sure to check that out first. Tomorrow, she’ll be hosting Bigger Picture Moments – don’t forget to link up! – and on Friday, we’ll all get a crazy-silly glimpse into what makes Lenae so much fun! (Psst…it will include a vlog and some singing…you don’t want to miss it!)

From the bottom of our hearts, Lenae – thank you for being who you are, and for sharing yourself with us, your faithful followers. We are SO excited to welcome you to the Bigger Picture Blogs team!