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Write Pink! Thank You {Winners}

Write Pink is coming to an end. We would like to extend some very special thank yous to our readers for sticking with us through some serious topics. Thank you to our amazing guest posters who shared their inspiring stories. Also a very BIG thank you to our generous sponsors. Please remember them this holiday season when you are looking for gifts!

Now on to the winners!*

Blog for Breasts Day
The winner of the beautiful bracelet from Ellie’s Shinning Stones:

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Bigger Picture Moments: Write Pink! Education
The winner of the Dr. Susan Love Breast Book:
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Write Pink! Prevention Week:
The winner of the Pigtail Pals Scientist tee is:
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Bigger Picture Moments: Write Pink! Prevention
The winner of the Strawesome Set:
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Write Pink! Support Week:
The winner of the apron from It’s All in the Bag:

Bigger Picture Moments: Write Pink! Support
The winner of the {So}Sartina Gift Certificate:

Didn’t win? Don’t despair!
We are still giving away a Lil Blue Boo tee for signing up with Army of Women. If you do it before Sunday. 

You also have until Sunday to link up a Bigger Picture Moment on either a  survivor or what you have learned during Write Pink, for a chance to win $50 from The Vintage Pearl.

Thank you again for helping us make this month one of education, prevention, support, survival, and most importantly HOPE!

*winners will receive an email from Melissa today and will have 48 hours to respond before a new name is drawn.


Write Pink! Recap & Final Week {Giveaway Details}

WOW! Where has October gone? Can you believe we are entering the last week of October? That means we are wrapping up Write Pink! and what a month it’s been! In the 3 weeks of October Army of Women has enrolled 3,000 more women into the army. That is great! Don’t forget if you are one of the women that joined, forward your welcome email to me for a chance to win this special edition LBB tee:

EXTENDED: We want to close out the month strong. We would LOVE to be able to say that we encouraged 30 women to join the army, so far we are at 11. So if you have been meaning to do it, consider signing up today.
BONUS ENTRY: To encourage you to spread the word to all the women in your life. Bonus entry for referring someone to the Army. Just tell them to say “Jane Doe (your name) encouraged me to join the Army” and BOTH you and your friend will get an Extra Entry.

The LBB tee giveaway will end Sunday October 31 at Midnight (CST), all entries must be time stamped by midnight. Winner’s will be announced and emailed and will have 48 hours to respond.

We have shared many stories with you this month on Education, Prevention, and Support. This week we are celebrating stories of strength and hope, stories of Survival.  We know, you may be tired of seeing, reading and hearing so much pink, so we decided to entice you with a little silver:
Our sponsor for this final week of Write Pink! is The Vintage Pearl, they have generously donated a $50 gift certificate to one of our readers this week.
To Enter:
  • 1 entry for commenting on any of the survivor posts Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
  • 3 entries for sharing a story of survival (yours, a friends, a family members) and linking up with our Bigger Picture Moment on Thursday (at Sarah’s)
The Vintage pearl giveaway will remain open until October 31 at Midnight. Winner will be announced as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond.

All other Write Pink! Giveaways end on Thursday October 28 at 8pm (CST) and will be announced on Friday.
You Still have a chance to win your choice of apron from It’s all in the Bag for commenting on any of these posts:
You have until Wednesday to link up a story of support (it doesn’t have to be about cancer, it can be how you and your girl friends support each other in making healthy changes in your life. It’s about Support) to win a gift certificate to {So} Sartina.
You can also still comment on any of these posts for a chance to win a Pigtail Pals Scientist for the Cure tee.
Thank you to all our sponsors and readers for the inspiration and stories we have shared this month during Write Pink!

Write Pink! Spread Pink Throughout the Year {Bigger Picture Moment}

We’re focusing on breast cancer support for Write Pink! this week.

Each day, a guest writer will be posting about ways we can help support the people that are fighting breast cancer and the organizations that are trying to beat it.

Welcome to a  special Pink Edition of Bigger Picture Moments about breast cancer support. {Blog or Facebook notes both work!}. By linking up at Melissa’s, you will automatically be entered to win a gift certificate to {So} Sartina.

By commenting on any one of the support posts, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an apron (the better for making meals or bakes sales with!) from It’s All in the Bag.


Are you tired of pink yet? It’s okay I’ll still be your friend if you admit it.

Everywhere you turn since October 1 is pink. Pink buildings, pink products, pink blogs, pink equipment on burly football players. After 3 weeks of it I am sure it’s becoming part of the background, the static of your life that you don’t even notice.



Breast cancer isn’t going away. It’s stealing mothers, wives, sister, aunts, friends. It’s breaking up families and it’s leaving thousands of women scarred and broken.  We need the pink of October to spread out through the rest of the year. We need to remember that we can support pink everyday, that there are ways we can help and give back in our community even if we are not directly effected.


One way I have always supported the cause is by walking with my girl friends in a Race for the Cure event. We all gather and make a girls weekend out of it. We bond, we reconnect, we rejuvenate. We use those 3.1 miles to catch up on life and each other. We take care of ourselves while raising money and support for the cure.


Being supportive, can and should, start before there is a tragic diagnosis. Wee need to support ourselves and each other as women and mothers to be healthier and proactive in the first place. Do you take time to take care of you? To do your BSE, to work out, to shop for healthy food? If you needed to make an emergency appointment because you found a lump would you have someone to call and help? Being supportive can start as easy and simply as suggesting to a friend that you swap babysitting for 2 hrs once a week so you can take care of you.  Talk about it as a way to bring up health, taking care of ourselves as women and mothers. Remind each other to use the time for a workout, a shower, a doctors appointment.


Supporting the survivors, the fighters the researchers needs to be something that is on our mind every month, not just in October.


How can or how are you being supportive? Share your story with us and link up below. It can be about walking in an event, how you and your friends support each other in healthy endeavours, or how you joined the Army. Anything that moves you.

Speaking of the Army, they posted on their Facebook page that they have gained 3,000 new members in October! Are you one of them? You can still win.