A journalist by nature and profession, Hyacynth Worth has been on special assignment covering the foreign land of motherhood for nearly three years. While she enjoys covering bare baby bottoms with diapers, she does, from time to time, miss covering chair-throwing, name-calling town hall meetings. But those moments of day-dreaming bliss are often burst by a toddler’s tantrum, which, ironically enough does include pee-wee chair throwing and name calling. Hyacynth blogs about such events at Undercover Mother where she also taps into her creative-writing-bleeding heart, writing life outloud and tackling subjects like faith, marriage, organic living and Curious George. Because who doesn’t love that little monkey, really? She’s wife to very a tolerant, patient man, John, who often indulges her requests for long adult conversation and iced chai tea lattes and mom to two little boys. She loves Jesus, her country and her dog, but, ironically, she doesn’t love Country music; rather she feasts on the music genius of Jimmy Eat World and finds inspiration in song, her boys, good friends and the God she serves.

Get to know Hyacynth through her writing:

A Lesson in Who I Really Am

Oh Look, I’m a Crazy Hippie After All

Sometimes I feed the bears spaghetti and immediately regret my decision

At 28

So we just ditched an entire day during the week

Hyacynth’s Blog is Undercover Mother and she is @HyacynthW on Twitter







2 responses to “Hyacynth

  1. Just stumbled across this blog today from Technorati. Love it! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great writing! Keep up the inspiration!

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