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BPReads: Wild Mind Chapter 2


We’re reading to become better writers, I hope you’ll join us on this journey! Details on the book club can be found under the Book Club Tab above. I will link each week’s discussion there as well. Like our pretty new button by the talented Alita? Feel free to grab it and use it in your posts!

Our first pick is Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg. If you want more information on Natalie and some video interviews with her please visit Open Road Media. Some of you asked, it is available in all versions of digital reader. See the Open Road Media site for details.

Chapter 2: Results of Kindness

I’m hoping that the whole book club doesn’t result in me saying, YES! This! I love this! Hopefully it won’t but today I am writing this late after traveling all day. I am sitting on a hotel room floor with a baby desperately trying to crawl to me (she can’t) so she leans forward and chests on my knee. I must keep her at arms length or sh pounds on my keyboard, probably trying to get back to dance with Quinn!

So what I really liked about the chapter was the focus on being kind to ourselves. I am hard on myself as a writer and I frequently forget that it takes practice. I am trying to be kinder by putting up posts (like this one) that are more free flow and less edited. It’s hard and it makes my stomach churn and I worry people will laugh. Which coincidentally is why I have never gone to one of the two writing groups that I have been told to try.  I sort of fell into writing and I don’t feel like I have the skills yet to call myself a writer.

So at the end of the chapter she give you something to do. Some prompts to think about and write through. I would love to see yours…link up below:


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