Melissa is mom to 3 kids and 1 angel. She once lived in heels and dreamed of traveling the world, now she lives in her minivan and dreams of a clean kitchen. She chronicles the sticky bits of motherhood at Peanut Butter in my Hair. She left the city for the suburbs and frequently finds herself lost. She created Little Lake County, to help parents find out what’s going on and where to go, but she still can’t find the Peanut Butter at her super-sized Target.

I do anything to avoid housework, unless it’s polishing my crown (I’m the reigning Queen of Un-domestic Bliss). I enjoy crafting, sewing, yoga and running .  I believe super mom is a fictional character and try hard to be the best Mom/Wife/Person I can be everyday, even if some days that’s messier than others.  Life is crazy and sticky but oh so blessed!

Get to know Melissa through her writing:

There is no Perfect Here

To the Edge and Back

On Hope and Being Hopeful

The Best Gift

A Day in the Life

Melissa’s Blog is Peanut Butter in my Hair and she is @PBinmyHair on Twitter


One response to “Melissa

  1. Hello there. . .I got wind of the auction to help Joplin through an artsy friend on facebook. I, too, make items and was wondering if I could donate some items? Please let me know how I can do this. . .Thank you! I would love to help . . .I do appreciate any info.

    Jennifer Zarrinnam with Twinkle Toes (I put my etsy site above. . .I am also on facebook: Twinkle Toes)

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