Hey, there. Pull up a chair and kick off your shoes.


It’s the heart of our community. Bigger Picture Blogs is a collaborative effort between like-minded writers who wanted to deepen their relationships with the readers they call friends as well as with each other. We know that this journey called life is a long road and that it’s too tough to forge alone; we need the support, encouragement and love only found in the words and thoughts from other women traveling that unique yet oh-so-different road of living while juggling the responsibilities of being a mother/spouse/friend/daughter/waitress/sanitarydirector. And, importantly, sometimes we need encouragement to turn our eyes to our own souls and nurture ourselves; we find that here.

By coming together, we hope to deepen the conversations started in our posts and shared in the comments. We’ve been sharing stories, tears, joys, advice and life in general. Won’t you join us on this road as we look at the Bigger Picture while soaking up the moments that make up everyday life?

Because the journey is so much better with friends.

Our social media pledge: Can we buy you a [non-sponsored] drink?

We view sitting down to share our thoughts and engage in dialogue while blogging as an extension of having coffee or tea with a friend at our local coffee shop. After we sit down with our drinks and settle in on the couch, sometimes we have deep thoughts to share, sometimes side-splitting stories, and sometimes we just need a space to share the general every-day nitty-gritty details like how we managed to remove 17.2 tons of mud from our carpeting when the kids bounded back in the patio door during a rainstorm after capturing the family’s runaway dog.  And if we happened to find an amazing non-toxic cleaner that worked wonders on those mud spots, we’d surely share it with our girlfriends over tea. And we’d expect our girlfriends to never hold back such priceless information.

Because the heart of our community is friendship, we pledge to stay true to our original intent when working with companies who would like to advertise on our blogs. We never ever will partner with a company if we do not whole heartedly support it. We won’t feature products we don’t use in our own daily lives with our own families. Be assured that if you see an advertisement, we big-fat-sloppy-kiss love the company and product being advertised.

If we wouldn’t share it with you while we were sharing life over a cup of joe, we wouldn’t share it here either. This space is a sacred ground for building friendships not random promotions.

So sit down, sip your super-grande-frappemochachinonowhiplatte (or tea!) and share without ever wondering about the heart of our intentions.


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  1. Is it too late to donate an item to the auction? I’d like to donate a gift certificate towards overnight camp tuition at Maine Arts Camp. This is a great cause, and I’d love to help!

    Candy Cohn
    Assistant Director
    Maine Arts Camp
    (561) 865-4330

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