Having completed a doctorate in Political Science in 2010, Jade left the university life to move to Thailand with her husband to pursue a dream of writing novels and working to prevent child trafficking. She spends her weekdays writing and taking photos, and her weekends working with at-risk children. When she’s not doing that, she is constantly on the prowl for adventure, new sights, interesting people, and of course good food.

She blogs at Tasting Grace. If you’re a fan of a good cappuccino, pretty pictures and the written word, or thinking about life and our place it in, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and come sit by her side, where she hopes to inspire you: to write, to capture moments, to wonder, to breathe, and to live your life to the brim, in whatever way that has meaning for you.

Get to know Jade through her writing:

Meditation in Humility 

Just Writing Shaped Like Stars

Writing in search of Celestial Orbs

On Being Part Other

September 12

Jade’s blog is Tasting Grace and she is @JadeKeller on Twitter


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