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One Sweet Treat: A Very Warm Welcome

All week long, we’ve been celebrating the sweetness in life wrapped up with the promise of revealing one really sweet surprise this lovely Valentine’s Day.


As a community of writers and artists seeking to foster creativity and encourage intentional living amid the ordinary beauty with which we’re met every day, there is great sweetness.

Great sweetness that we love harvesting.

And there’s work!

The creative team of writers behind Bigger Picture Blogs has been brainstorming ways to stretch our desires for intentional living, grow our skill as writers and artists and deepen our ties of friendship within our unique community.

And one way we knew we could accomplish some of the major feats  we’re planning this coming year was to welcome another talented, passionate writer onto our behind-the-scenes creativity, planning and executing team.

So without further ado, we’re so excited to welcome Jade Keller of Tasting Grace to our planning force!

If you don’t already know Jade {and it’s hard not to since she’s been an amazing part of our community since pretty much its start}, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to her!

 Jade  is a thoughtful, passionate writer who carefully weaves words into brilliant scenes that are laced with deep thought and deep emotion. Her eloquent writing style is showcased in both her down-to-Earth weekly virtual coffee dates as well as her challenging, beautiful Bigger Picture Moments. We simply love, too, the way she encourages writers to lay their hearts out on the line with her series Pinnacle Moments.

Having spent most of her life in California, Jade and her husband Toby packed up their life together and moved around the globe in 2010 after Jade earned her PhD in Political Science. They now call Thailand home where Jade spends time writing, adventuring and working with the SOLD Project to help child victims of sex trafficking.

At Bigger Picture Blogs, Jade will be tackling a book club aimed at encouraging growth as creators, writers and artists as well as hosting Bigger Picture Moments.

We’re so excited to bring Jade’s writing talent, fresh perspective and passionate heart to the table while we’re brainstorming, planning and executing new writing exercises, creativity enhancers and skill-building writing sessions {stay tuned!}.

Please leave her some love and share in our excitement for everything she’s brought to our community from the start and everything she will undoubtedly bring in the future!


Welcome Lenae!


When we think of Bigger Picture Blogs’ purpose, we think of passion and creativity and community. We think of family and friendship and depth. We also think of frivolity and fun and living life in a way that makes sure we’re paying attention to all of those things.

Perhaps most of all, we think of reality and hope and ways to bring those two elements together in a beautiful way.

And when it came time for us to bring another writer and friend on-board as part of our team, we knew we wanted to welcome somebody who, to us, embodies all of these ideals and more.

So we are completely thrilled to announce our newest writing partner and friend – will you welcome her with us?!

Lenae is a dear, tender-hearted mama and friend we’ve all come to love and we know you will, too. That is, if you haven’t already! Blogging at {Just} Lenae, she shares her life in candid, silly shots as well as soul-searching pieces. Spend some time in her archives for a taste of her gorgeous writing, storytelling, and family-building. She’s real, and she’s beautiful….

And now, she’s OURS!! Well, okay, she’s so generous and gracious that it’s fair to say she’ll share herself with us all (especially if we offer her a Chick-Fil-A milkshake).

Please join us for the rest of the week as we get to know her a little bit better! Yesterday, she shared a taste of where she’s from in our Writing Me workshop, so be sure to check that out first. Tomorrow, she’ll be hosting Bigger Picture Moments – don’t forget to link up! – and on Friday, we’ll all get a crazy-silly glimpse into what makes Lenae so much fun! (Psst…it will include a vlog and some singing…you don’t want to miss it!)

From the bottom of our hearts, Lenae – thank you for being who you are, and for sharing yourself with us, your faithful followers. We are SO excited to welcome you to the Bigger Picture Blogs team!



What we’ve been up to…


Photo Credit: Alita Jewel Photography

Phew, summer is officially winding down and we re breathlessly gobbling up every last beautiful minute! In case you missed it, our writers have been out and about and have some exciting things going on, so let’s recap:

Melissa weighed in on whether students and teachers should be Facebook friends on Technorati’s Soapbox Musings.

Saturday’s at Undercover Mother are going to get a lot more fun! Hyacynth is introducing Simple Swaps. Simple things you can do in 15 minutes or less to live a more intentional, creative, eco-friendly life. Are you in?

Have you started school yet or will you be soon? You don;t want to miss Melissa’s giveaway from Mabel’s Labels!

If your already back in school than you know the importance of good meals. Sarah is discussing good meals and back to school at the Joplin Globe.

Are you hitting the road this holiday weekend? Hyaycnth a Family Road Trip Survival Guide up at CBS Local.

Are you in a mom fashion rut? It’s Link up week for Melissa’s Dress like a Girl Challenge, August was flirty skirts! You have all week to join in!

Do you have a toddler who is constantly melting down? Sarah shares some tips and thoughts on how to communicate through the trying time over at the Joplin Globe.

Our Writing Me link up is now live under the Writing Me tab at the top of the page. If you have joined in on your own blog or written one in the past please share it there so we can all read it and get to know you better!

Did you see our exciting launch on Friday? Bigger Picture Blogs is starting a book club specifically to foster creativity and help us be better writers. Our first book is Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. We will be discussing and sharing chapter 1 on Friday.

What have you been up to this week? Share your links in the comments! We’d love to stop by!