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Saying Goodbye

Calm creek

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A creative mind is a funny thing.

It moves like a river meandering in parts, roaring in parts and sometimes, trickling down and changing paths.

Sometimes in order to create what is in your heart you need to wander off and be own your own, listen to Him and your heart.

Our dear friend Lenae is on one of those slowing and meandering paths. As her and her family adjust to being in a strange new land she is choosing to turn her writing more inwardly and private. While we will all miss her smiling face and beautiful words we are of course holding her up in this journey.

We will miss you Lenae and we will always be here with open arms when you want to return.

Live. Love. Write. 

Writing Me: In This Family Prose {Lenae}

Welcome to part two of Writing Me, our community writing project intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

During the next eight weeks — through the end of 2011 — we’ll be writing our In This Family prose.
In this family we hide around the corner and scare the crap out of our family members when they come walking by.  We pledge our loyalties to Marvel (not DC!) comics.  We have a dance party during the closing credits of every movie we watch – “Shake your booty, Mommy!”  “Uh… shake yours!”

In this family we unwind with Lego construction and run-and-tickle sessions.  We appreciate a good wrestling round (“Watch out for the baby!”) and a tall stack of pancakes.  We’re always up for a jaunt to the playground.

We’re a passionate, motley, sometimes sloppy lot, but we excel in a few things:

In this family we greet Daddy with screams of excitement when he arrives home from work.  We tell baby sister how sweet she is and give her kisses when she wakes from a nap.  We’re pros at free-throwing forks and spoons straight from the dishwasher into the silverware drawer.  We excel at selecting the perfect pair of superhero underwear to express how we’re feeling today.

In this family, we’re careful with those we love.  We’re mindful of the power of words, so we choose the ones we use carefully.  We leap onto couch cushions and from one adventure to the next, and the faces we look for –as we glance back in mid-air– are the ones of those who love us most.  We crash along in the sunlight of His love and grace; we envelop one another when the skies turn grey.  In this family, joy born of love is our currency, and we’re rich with it.


Lenae Ross

Air Force wife managing 4 little troops at home. My patience, faith, and laundry pile are ever growing.

What do you do in your house?

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Bigger Picture Moments: Highlighting {Stephanie} and {Lenae}

Every Thursday, we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the Bigger Picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us?

Last week, we offered a round-up linky for you to post your own favorite Bigger Picture Moment from 2011.  Thank you for sharing your moment with us!  If you would still like to post your favorite, please do so!

Here’s a glimpse of a favorite Bigger Picture Moment from 2011 from Stephanie @ Girl of Grace.  Click over to her blog to read the rest of this beautiful post:

Never once did you stop loving me.  You loved me through the tears, through the anger, through the heartbreak, through every single mess I found myself in.  You encouraged me, prayed with me, loved me, and did everything you possibly could to help me heal.

And for our first Bigger Picture Moments of 2012, Lenae is hosting from Azerbaijan!  Please join us at her place as we celebrate the beauty in simplicity.  The bigness of the regular ins and outs of daily life.  Here’s a bit of what she’s sharing today:

I was talking with my wonderful friend, Leslie, last night, when she asked me:

“How’s your marriage doing since moving to Azerbaijan?”

The question caught me off guard.  I’m asked about the food, the locals, our living arrangements, and how the kids are reacting to all the transition, but no one has asked me how Ben and I are faring together, as a unit, while we settle in.

Click over to Lenae’s place to read the rest and share your own!