Reminiscing on the Party

The cake has been eaten, wrapping paper and ribbons are scattered all over the floor and the balloons are deflated, sure signs of a good party! The part is, since it’s a virtual party no one is stuck on clean-up duty!

We hope you all we’re as touched and inspired by our Birthday Party link up at Hyacynth’s. If you’re in need of a good read, there are 40 (FORTY) of them over there, it was so much fun to see the ones everyone posted!

Did you miss a coffee date this week? We sat down and shared a cup with some of the members of our community. If you haven’t met Ginny, Allison, Patty, Lucy, Suzannah, Jade, or Lenae yet be sure to pull up a chair and a steaming (or iced!) cup of coffee and get to meet some very inspiring women!

We do have one final gift as we wrap up this week-long celebration, the winner of our favorite things was Ginny! Congratulations! Will be in touch to get your items to you!

Our writers weren’t just partying last week they were out and about as always spreading their words across the internet!

Sarah’s most recent post at the Joplin Globe is about parent detectives and getting to the bottom of sibling fighting.

Melissa is the guest writer at Diaper Diaries Marriage Unwrapped series talking about the effects of miscarriage on her marriage, you might be surprised by what it did.

Hyacynth did a rundown of some of the best Father’s day gifts over at CBS local (don’t worry if you didn’t buy any of them, there is always birthday’s and Christmas!)

If you’re in a dinner rut don’t miss Melissa’s Update Dinner Challenge series, it’s full of recipes and ratings on how they fare with the pickiest of picky eaters!

Summer vacation filled with whining, crying, and begging of “what’s next?” keep an eye on Sarah’s Simple Summer Schemes series. She’s offering up fun and easy things to do to keep the kids entertained.

Now the party is done and it’s time to get back to work! Don’t miss this week’s Simple Moments, Bigger picture over at Melissa’s. We can’t wait to read them!



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