Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Robin

In celebration of the Bigger Picture Blogs community turning one year old Thursday, June 23, we’re featuring a few friends who have made the journey of this past year so sweet and so memorable. If you want depth, these ladies have it. And once a connection is made, they are loyal friends. Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffe, say hello, introduce yourself and stay awhile as celebrate the very best part of our community!?

Don’t forget to stop by the birthday party we threw Thursday at Undercover Mother. Many of our favorite Bigger Picture Moments  from the past year are linked there — don’t miss reading some of the best moments of the year!

Coffee Date: Robin of Diet Coke on the Rawks

Twitter: RBearClaw

With her witty sense of humor and thoughtful, compassionate nature, Robin’s personality is inviting and welcoming. And it reflects in all of her web interactions — from her writing to her tweets to her emails, Robin’s personable, genuine character shines through. She writes honestly about the hilarity and hardships of parenting, marriage, sobriety and her faith in Jesus, continually sharing glimpses of the bigger picture in life.

Robin lives with her husband, two sweet kiddos and Barkley the dog in Southern California. We are estatic she agreed to share her words here today, as she has been a consistant, important voice in our community.

“Motherhood is challenging. 

Of course I knew it would be from what people told me and what I could gather watching my parents and other parents around me.  But I had no idea how challenging and rewarding until I became a mother 7 years ago. 

Motherhood took on a whole new level when I became sober from alcohol a year and a half ago. You wouldn’t have known I had a problem by looking at me or my life, but it was controlling me from the inside, riddling me with guilt and robbing me of my joy.

After the remnant cloud of alcohol lifted and I started to live life, REALLY live it, well, that’s when I stumbled across Bigger Picture Blogs. The group of writers and submitted posts provided insight to beauty I hadn’t taken the time to look at before.  Flowers were not only colorful, but miraculous creations from the Creator. Children’s laughs were not only infectious; they were memories to hold onto forever in print. Tantrums were no longer viewed as ruining my day, they were viewed as something other mothers went through and understood, too. And I learned to embrace them for what they are, and turn them into growth moments worth cherishing. 

But I didn’t just gain reading material to help me along in this parenting gig, or to see the beauty in this Created life…I gained friends I can count on and go to for advice and help. Friends and Sisters who are there in email, phone or comments to support in any way possible. Personal and confidential questions were not off limits, they were welcomed with open arms. 

Now that I am sober, the cravings have disappeared and life is bright and clear, I have taken to writing in my own space more and looking through the camera lens differently. And I owe a lot of that to BPB, for setting such a genuine example of creativity, passion and love.

 Happy birthday to BPB….you make this world a brighter place.”


2 responses to “Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Robin

  1. Robin, thank you so much for your words, and most importantly, for being a part of this space, this community. You are such a wonderful friend, and I just love you to pieces!

  2. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this great celebration. 🙂 Love you, too!

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