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What we’ve been up to…

Is it just us or is summer a) insanely busy and b) flying by? I mean school supplies are already in the stores! So why we try to savor each and every last drop of summer, let’s catch up on what we’ve been doing, shall we?

Melissa was over at Getting All my Ducks in a Row talking about Marriage to celebrate her 10 years of marriage. It’s not about the grand gestures but the little things.

Alita has changed her site address so be sure to update your bookmarks. Her new site Alita Jewel’s Treasure is up and beautiful, if a little dusty from construction!

Speaking of beautiful, Melissa is giving you a chance to turn your photos in to art with a canvas print giveaway.

Hyacynth is sharing her top tips on surviving the pool with your kids over at CBS Local.

Sarah pondered Summer doldrums and talked about teaching independence through outdoor play at the Joplin Globe.

If you’re running out of ways to entertain the kids this summer don’t miss Sarah’s Simple Summer Schemes, full of fun ways to play!

Hyacynth gives you a  peek into just how silly us BPB girls can be, we had a lot of fun planning the exciting things we have coming up this fall!

Lastly, don’t miss Sarah’s look at Joplin 8 weeks later and how you can help them prepare for back to school.

So what have you all been up to this summer?


Bigger Picture Moments, Sarah’s Swelling

Simple BPM

It’s that time of pregnancy where we can no longer sit around idly and wait for the baby to make himself known.  While I would like to sit idly, it makes me feel itchy and nervous that we can’t possibly finish the things that need to be accomplished before his birth and what if we don’t find a vehicle that fits three car seats and he has to ride separately?!?! 
There are lists to be checked off.  Preparations to be made.  Transitions to be settled into.
Transition number one, is the combining of the girls’ bedrooms.  And oh my goodness, putting two rooms of stuff into one room is mad-making.  We’ve pared and sorted and tossed and stored a giant load of kidstuff, all in the hopes that Mia and Lauren will adore being roommates for the foreseeable future. 
Not like they really have a choice — it’s this or…this.

To read the rest and to add your own Moment please head over to This Heavenly Life, we’d love to have you!

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.