Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Jade

In celebration of the Bigger Picture Blogs community turning one year old this Thursday, June 23, we’re featuring a few friends who have made the journey of this past year so sweet and so memorable. If you want depth, these ladies have it. And once a connection is made, they are loyal friends. Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffe, say hello, introduce yourself and stay awhile as we celebrate our community!

Don’t forget to stop by our birthday party Thursday at Undercover Mother. Share your favorite Bigger Picture Moment at the link up, and visit some other favorites! {And stick around for a few treats at the party!}

Coffee Date: Jade of Tasting Grace

Twitter: @JadeKeller

Jade’s voice in our community is thoughtful and encouraging. A compassionate soul, Jade moved this year from the US to Thailand, where she works to give at-risk children opportunities they might not otherwise receive. Her values of community and living intentionally are apparent not only in her writing and in her thoughtful comments but also in the way she lives life.

Jade shares her living space with her husband Toby and a cute pup, and se enjoys traveling the Thai countryside, food, photography, coffee and, of course, writing. We’re privledged to share this journey of life with her.

What the Bigger Picture Blogs community means to Jade:

In the cacophony of voices clamoring for attention, Bigger Picture Moments is like a space of blessed silence – the kind that allows one space to think, to be present, and to just be.
There is so much chatter out there – and chatter is entertaining, but it is so rare to find other individuals willing and able to calm the chatter of their mind and of the world around them long enough to hear the heart.
And that’s what is found through Bigger Picture Moments: heart.
I found a group of women committed to walking the higher path, even when it leads to uncertainty or to that which we would not rather see. They walk that path, even when it comes down to simply trying to keep the head up high enough to breathe. These are women who live in awareness. Women who take life as it comes. Women who celebrate the simple moments, realizing simple means neither trivial nor mundane.
I also found a group of women to whom I could turn with my most intimate questions and fear, and absolutely know they would respond. We’ve shared frustrations and triumphs, sadness, shock and worry. We’ve shared smiles and laughter, gentle reassurances and the sweet embrace of sisterhood.
I am grateful to have found these women and this treasured space. It is a divine sisterhood indeed.”

6 responses to “Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Jade

  1. Jade, you are so very inspiring and understanding. You have a deep well of compassion that knows no bounds. I am a better person in knowing you. This community means the same to me. It feels like a piece of home, a community of family members, not just writers & artists.

    You rock!

  2. Yes, the higher path — definitely one of my favorite parts of Bigger Picture Blogs too. There is such a comradery and peace found in walking that path together. I love your perspective here!

  3. I love the way you look at life Jade — thank you so much for sharing yourself here!

  4. Jade, I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you. You continually inspired me. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much ladies! It is a joy to be amongst such fine women.

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