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Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Patty

In celebration of the Bigger Picture Blogs community turning one year old Thursday, June 23, we’re featuring a few friends who have made the journey of this past year so sweet and so memorable. If you want depth, these ladies have it. And once a connection is made, they are loyal friends. Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffe, say hello, introduce yourself and stay awhile as we get to know each other a little bit better?

Don’t forget to stop by our birthday party at Undercover Mother. Share your favorite Bigger Picture Moment at the link up, and visit some other favorites — you can still link today! {And stick around for a few treats at the party!}

Coffee Date: Patty Ann of Pitterle Postings

Patty Ann has a deep love that runs in her veins. She has love for God, community, and adversity. She smiles in the face of adversity, as a matter of fact. The Lord blessed her with the ultimate job of raising 11 children. She has more than enough love in her heart to go around, and does so with kindness as well as humility. She holds firm in her conviction that people are worth effort in saving. Works of generosity, in spirit as well as other blessings through the Grace of God help her to lift others burdens as well as her own family’s trials and tribulations. She is a woman of character, perseverance, and yes even repentance. In getting to know Patty Ann, we have learned that she is a writer with great love. And it shines for everyone to see.

Patty and her husband John put down roots in Arizona, and they still share their nest with a couple of beautiful daughters.

What Bigger Picture Blogs means to Patty:

I don’t remember how I found Bigger Picture Blogs.  I only know that I found it earlier this past year and it spoke to my heart.  I love the writing of all my sisters there!  Discovering a community of women who write about the things that have meaning in my own life as been simply wonderful.  

For me, reading and sharing on BPB, has been amazing.  It reminds me that life is made up of everyday moments.  When you put those seemingly small, ordinary moments together, you come up with the bigger picture.  My life is full of those simple moments.  It is up to me to see them, recognize them, and make the most of them.   I love reading about others and learning to see things in a different way.  I love being reminded that there is more to life than this moment that I am in right now.  It helps me so much to know that there are those who have been through the same heartaches, joys, trials, successes, sad, happy and just plain wonderful, ordinary, crazy, laughing moments.  

Happy Birthday, BPB, you bring tears to my eyes, a smile to my lips, and joy in my heart.  You remind me, everyday, of what the bigger picture really is.


So, happy, happy birthday!  I can’t wait to see what you do with the year ahead!