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Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Suzannah

In celebration of the Bigger Picture Blogs community turning one year old this Thursday, June 23, we’re featuring a few friends who have made the journey of this past year so sweet and so memorable. If you want depth, these ladies have it. And once a connection is made, they are loyal friends. Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffe, say hello, introduce yourself and stay awhile as celebrate the very best part of our community!?

Don’t forget to stop by our birthday party Thursday at Undercover Mother. Share your favorite Bigger Picture Moment at the link up, and visit some other favorites! {And stick around for a few treats at the party!}

Coffee Date: Suzannah of So Much Shouting So Much Laughter

Twitter: @ShoutLaughLove

Suzannah writes with such passion, such beauty, such skill, that we’ve all easily been carried away by her words and her stories time after time again to lovely, luscious countries of thought where may otherwise never have ventured. From faith to motherhood to living life intentionally, her blog showcases the depths of her compassionate heart. She passionately advocates for unity within the body of Christ, treating the Earth and our bodies well and living purposefully and with heart.

Suzannah lives with her husband, two little ones and a few chickens at a summer camp she grew up attending in rural Pennsylvania.  We’re so blessed to share this small space with her today.

What the Bigger Picture Blogs community means to Suzannah:

“the internet is a maze of rabbit holes, and it was through one last summer (the lovely clarity in the chaos) that i first stumbled upon bigger picture blogs.  discovering a community of writers and encouragement was such a blessing, the greatest of which has been meeting hyacynth.  sister can write.  also, she leaves some of the best comments on these here interwebs.

we’ve connected over poetry and Jesus and breastfeeding and parenting tiny ones.  this fall we get to room together at the relevant conference (eek!), and i’m so thankful to meet melissa there, too, and experience part of this community in person.  (i’m ever so sad that lenae had to sell her ticket.  we will meet one day, friend.)

so happy birthday, bigger picture blogs.  thank you all for being a harbor of friendship, compassion, and writerly-goodness.  this world (and web) need more grace-filled spaces like the one you lovingly cultivate here.”