Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Lucy

In celebration of the Bigger Picture Blogs community turning one year old this Thursday, June 23, we’re featuring a few friends who have made the journey of this past year so sweet and so memorable. If you want depth, these ladies have it. And once a connection is made, they are loyal friends. Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffe, say hello, introduce yourself and stay awhile as celebrate the very best part of our community!?

Don’t forget to stop by our birthday party Thursday at Undercover Mother. Share your favorite Bigger Picture Moment at the link up, and visit some other favorites! {And stick around for a few treats at the party!}

Coffee Date: Lucy of Lucy the Valiant

Lucy the Valiant is no stranger to hard work: she teaches English to support her habit of raising beautiful daughters, neither of which are simple feats.  Luckily for us all, she finds it in her heart (and in her schedule) to share the treasure of her writing with the world via brilliant and often hilarious blog posts.  But don’t let the humor fool you — Lucy shares the depth of her love for her husband and two daughters alongside her own deep personal hopes and fears.  Lucy the Valiant is no shrinking violet, but she may just be an exotic bloom, ready to burst into color in our very own backyard.  And we’re so glad she’s chosen to share her vibrancy here today

What Bigger Picture blogs means to Lucy:

“Happy birthday, Bigger Picture Blogs! I’m so glad that you exist! Just knowing that a community like this could germinate and grow and blossom makes me happy. Actually, did you know that the Bigger Picture Blogs community IS a Bigger Picture moment, in itself? I just realized this. It’s like a dream within a dream! See, I associate the Internet with warmth and friendship and beauty. Things like bloggers who focus every week on finding meaning and significance in everyday life! So when I hear about cyber bullying and hate sites and Twitter wars and all the many different kinds of nastiness available online, contributing to the Downfall of Civilization As We Know It, I have to pause for a moment because that is just not what I think of when I think Internet. Simply because I am free to choose the positive aspects only. My search engine will go wherever I tell it to go, won’t it? I have to choose, each day, to access the beautiful and meaningful things online, not the ugly and hateful ones. It’s exactly like that with the rest of our lives, our in-real-life  lives. The options will always be there, it’s really our choices that define how we think of our world. Choices every day to access the beautiful and meaningful things in life, not the ugly and hateful ones. Bigger Picture Blogs is such a choice, and I’m so happy that the founding ladies made it happen!”

7 responses to “Birthday Week Celebration Coffee Date with Lucy

  1. Lucy, I’ve been reading your blog and I just have to say: You’re hilarious. And awesome. That is all.

  2. Love your take on life — talk about intentional living! We place ourselves within communities — and we’re so glad you’ve placed yourself here!

  3. Lucy. Girlfriend. I LOVE you. 😀

  4. Yay! Lucy, you are my girl, girl. So happy you got to write this and support your community. Your blog is a highlight of my internet life!

  5. And you girl, make awesome choices. I bet you inspire your momma!

  6. So true! That’s what I love about BPB, too…it’s such a positive place!

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