Rainspiration: Creative Inspiration

The sky was gloomy, the threat of rain inevitable. As I wiped breakfast crumbs from the table, it started out low and increased in intensity. Small discrete droplets, pitter patting on the ground, the driveway slowly turning from light grey to almost black, shiny from the increased raindrops.

Gradually the pitter pats transform to sheets of water pouring from the sky, thunder booms, shaking the house and shortly after lighting illuminates the sky. I leave the dirty breakfast dishes and make my way to the window, a tiny smile on my face.

I love a good storm, one with lightening and raindrops as large as lemons falling from the sky. Behind me the little one begins chanting, “rain go home. No rain. Rain go home.”

Obviously he doesn’t share my same enthusiasm.

A good storm gives me a break, an excuse to hide inside and avoid duties to be done.

I can’t go to the store, it’s raining.

I can’t workout, it’s raining.

I can’t clean the house, it’s raining.

Yep, an excellent excuse for sure.

Which gives me the permission to do something creative, something I normally wouldn’t be able to do under a crystal clear sky, because I would feel guilty wasting a sunny day.

So, I left the dishes soaking, grabbed my cup of coffee and my notebook and pen, and began writing. The words started as a sprinkle and then increased to a full downpour, just like the rain falling from the sky.

And there I sat, pen in hand, finding the creativity in the storm.

Now it’s your turn.

All it takes is five minutes.

You can …

Write a post.

Snap a photo.

Paint a picture.

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