Reading Circles – A Word from Gillian Flynn

Before we get to Gillian Flynn, I just wanted to remind you all that next Tuesday, November 13 at 8pm CST is our Reading Circles Goes LIVE!! session, where we’ll be reading & discussing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn! Those of you who have RSVPed should, by now, have received an email from me with details about the meet-up and a list of some potential questions for discussion. If you haven’t received that email, or if you’re a newcomer and want to join in, email me ASAP at:

So…to whet our appetites for our discussion, I’m sharing an interview with author Gillian Flynn. You can find the full article HERE.

The most telling part of her interview for me is when she says this:

“If you’re having to turn over copy pretty much every single day, as you are at a weekly magazine, you learn to make yourself write. You don’t sit there and wait for the muse. You learn an exercise and like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The more that you’re in that mindset of writing every day, the easier it is to write every day. That discipline, that practicality of it was hugely important for me.”

Hear that folks? Brilliance comes not from Miss Muse, but from discipline. Writing every day, stretching your writer muscles every day.

I also was really intrigued to read about her writing process, how she writes by the seat of her pants, starting with an interesting situation or character and she just sees where it goes. It often means she ends up tossing out most of what she writes, but the highlight of that is she is not chained by any particular material. When she sees something doesn’t work, she chases a different angle – which means she frees herself to find the better material.

I know I need to do that more. Be willing to let go of what I’ve already written in order to write something better. I think I often settle too quickly because in my mind it’s already done.

What about you? Are you a by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of writer, or do you plot it all out in advance?



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