Writing Me: Tradition {Jade}


‘Tis the season of hayrides and pumpkin pies, costumes and candy corn, drifting leaves that turn into falling snow and crisp mornings with flannel sheets and chunky sweaters that lend way to days full of tradition. What does the word tradition make you think of? What does it make you feel? Is there a tradition you partake in every year, or one from your childhood that stands out?

Take the word TRADITION and tell us what it means to you.

Go where your words and recollections take you. A few lines, or dozens, in whatever form moves you, write as your heart responds to the prompt.

Today’s post comes to us from Jade:

songs of bells and midnight clear
sung around lusty pine
silver-strung boxes piled below
and a star glinting high

a candied yam and roasted ham
feast before the unraveling
hot toddies sipped alongside Steinway melodies
and candlelight
a red suit, a cotton beard,
and a “ho, ho, ho!”

rituals, stalwart when we were young,
falter and thin,
scattered in the diaspora

etched only in the palm of hands
that remember the feel of lights
flickering on fir

until they rejuvenate at the birth of new life

“it’s for the kids,” we say.
as if we don’t warrant the effort
but the truth is
magic touches us too

it’s with a thrill of hope
the weary world rejoices.

*     *     *

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2 responses to “Writing Me: Tradition {Jade}

  1. I love that line about how we say it’s for the kids 😉 This was beautiful, Jade. Thank you!!

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