Writing Me {Where YOU’RE From}

We have completely and whole-heartily enjoyed getting to know all of you just a little bit better through our Writing Me journey. We had 15 people link up and share their stories, as well as several guest posters.

Together we have created a beautiful picture of community:

You are from:

I am from marbles & flip flops, from Rainbow Brite and Cheeco’s {Haitian cheese snack}.

I am from the old white house in town with the casket elevator in the garage. from the littlest of three bedrooms, the dripping clothes left in heaps in the family room, soaked in rain or snow or straight from the pool, the smell of tar from a hot roof, and the lullaby of Mom singing

I am from two stories, overlooking Boulder reservoir.  I am from daisy chains and dandelion tufts, suburban pines stretching toward a cornflower blue sky.

I am from Big Christmas gatherings that ceased at a young age and late night card games where children weren’t allowed. 

I am from screaming what you mean, even if it’s Thanksgiving and dropping everything to help out a friend.

I’m from Wisconsin and New York and England and a little bit from Nebraska, from pizza and pancakes and buttercream frosting.

From kind-hearted and warm farmers who like to eat fish. I’m from “Son, time to eat” and “Son, time to sleep.”

I am from bits and pieces of many religions and from finally finding my place at last, not just in a religion, but in a life.

I am from albums with fading pictures and dried out glue, closets full of forgotten mementos, and memories from lives long lived.


…and you are beautiful! A compilation of all who linked up and formed this beautiful community. If you haven’t stopped by and read these please do. You can also catch up with all the guest posts, here.

Next week we’ll be announcing the next prompt in our Writing Me series. We can’t wait to learn even more about you.









4 responses to “Writing Me {Where YOU’RE From}

  1. Yes! I really enjoyed reading these memes!

  2. Enjoying reading these now. Sorry I felt too nervous & doubtful about my own to share.

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