Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

Thankful for… {Bigger Picture Moments 16 November}

During the month of November, we taking our Bigger Picture Moments and turning them into moments of thankfulness — a chance to reflect on all those things that we are thankful for, both big and small.
This week our community was thankful for:

Witnessing the growth of those around us. {Alene}

For the Men and Women who serve our country. {Marilyn}

For teaching thankfulness to our children. {Ginny Marie}

For Bravery. {Brook}

For faith and friends to hold us up when we are tired. {Stacey}

For gentle reminders. {Danielle}

For adjusting to new family members. {Kam}

For the everyday blessings of growing children. {Lindy}

For love. {May}

For the love of the Father. {Robin}

For words said aloud. {Stephanie}

For an upturned smile. {Erin}

For renewal. {Jade}

For love across miles. {Maria}

What are you thankful for this week? Share with us tomorrow at Hyacynth’s