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T’was the Write Before Christmas: Sharing the Gifts of Stories

T’was the Write Before Christmas: Sharing the Gift of Stories

Remember the joy and wonder that accompanied the holidays of childhood?
The days seemed magical. Glittery lights twinkling in the night, sparkling fresh snow, presents stacked under a tree.
Sometimes as adults, we forget to take the time to see the joy, the magic and the wonder of the season. We get too caught up in the day- to-day tasks that go into creating that magic for our children.

“Stories are gifts to be shared”

As we move into this busy holiday season, we at Bigger Picture Blogs wanted to sponsor an outlet, an escape from the hectic planning. A chance to take the time to see, remember, feel the magic of the holiday.

A chance to create some magic of your own.

You are invited to breathe in the wonder and creativity of the holidays with us during:

T’was the Write Before Christmas

5-11 December 2011

A chance for you to remember holidays past, present and future. To share your creative view of the holidays through memories, stories, photos, crafts whatever inspires you.

Each day for an entire week we will post a prompt in a thought, a word, a quote or a photo inspired by the season. We will host a linky list here on the Bigger Pictures Blogs site so we can can share our stories with each other. The linky will be left up until December 31 so you can join in during the week or anytime you find time during the month.

A story can be anything you are inspired to share; a poem, a fiction piece, free writing, a memory.

Words aren’t the only way to share stories.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” applies here. We welcome sharing a photo, a painting or a craft you have made. There are no rules —  just inspiration and creativity!

Where ever the prompts take you is where you should go.

We hope you will be as inspired as us to see, read and share the magic of the season.

So get your creative juices flowing, grab our button and come back on Monday for your first prompt!

As always, we’ll be visiting each other and everyone who links for support and encouragement. We hope you’ll do the same.

Happy storytelling!

– Alita, Hyacynth, Lenae,  Melissa, & Sarah