Writing Me: Where I’m From {Brook}

I am from river cities and small towns with corn fields as far as the eye can see.
From Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies with a tall glass of cold milk and Happy Joe’s taco pizza with Whitey’s ice cream for dessert. From plastic horses that galloped like wind and from Barbies with pink sports cars and stacks of Golden books.
From duplexes, apartments, fixer uppers and zero lots with old friends for neighbors.
I am from the sweet smell of lilacs in the springtime and the smiling faces of pansies blooming in the summer sun. From lilly pads in garden ponds brimming with shimmering goldfish.
From strong stubborn Germans and blond haired, blue eyed Swedes. From a single dad and a remarried mother. From step families knitted together by love and circumstance.
I am from Fate and faith and the belief in things bigger than myself.
I’m from mega shopping trips with my grandmother and learning everything I know about gardening from her. From singing to the Grease soundtrack into my hairbrush and creating dance routines to TV commercials.
I’m from salisbury steak TV dinners with my dad while watching The A-Team and Magnum PI, and from daddy daughter nights at girl scouts.
From knee boarding on the Mississippi behind my stepdad’s fishing boat and baiting hooks to fish for blue gill.
From being called an over emotional spaz, geek and overall nerd. From finding myself in my twenties and rising above all labels. From being unique and an individual. I’m from overcoming negative thoughts and worries. From surviving abuse and eating disorders and finally being comfortable in my own skin.
I am from dreams and passions yet to be discovered. From traveling the journey of life and anticipating the excitement it will bring.

Brook is a spunky redhead who shares her views on life, love, kids and the world via her blog Readhead Reverie. She never sugar coats it and never acts like she’s perfect, because truthfully wouldn’t that be so FREAKING BORING.

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5 responses to “Writing Me: Where I’m From {Brook}

  1. Where you’re from is such a beautiful and real place … I love how you weave the hard into the lovely. Your honesty is inspiring, and your words are powerful.
    {I had Whitey’s ice cream for the first time last year, and oh, holy wow! My hubs and FIL have loved it for a long time, ever since they started hunting in Western Illinois. They also love Happy Joe’s pizza, but I wasn’t sold. 🙂 }

  2. Oh, indeed, Brook — sugar coating *would* be so FREAKING BORING 🙂 (Love that! Ha!) This totally took me back to my childhood (Golden books, anyone?) and pulled me just as quickly back to the present day (here’s to rising above labels)… with a whole lot of rending, colorful moments in between. This is lovely.

  3. Oh, my goodness. I had completely forgotten about playing with plastic horses! I am from there too!

  4. Oh I went to college in a similar place, I love (and miss) Whitey’s! So lovely.

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