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BPReads: Wild Mind Chapter 7 and 8


We’re reading to become better writers, I hope you’ll join us on this journey! Details on the book club can be found under the Book Club Tab above. I will link each week’s discussion there as well.

Our first pick is Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg. If you want more information on Natalie and some video interviews with her please visit Open Road Media. Some of you asked, it is available in all versions of digital reader. See the Open Road Media site for details.

Back on track….

Chapter 7: The Quiet Place

As a mom quiet is something that only exists in the darkness of night or during the earliest of morning light. So talking about quieting the mind and writing to that place where your heart and breath is….that’s hard and what I strive for everyday. To remember and live in those small details of the emotional side of being a mother that’s what I want and hope to capture.

I found her commentary on slipping into funny to cover fear to be particular poignant in the mommy blogging world. Let’s be honest, in the mommy blogging world there is a lot of snark and when you replace funny for snark in her commentary I think it’s very true and eye-opening to what we see around the mom blogosphere, no? I mean I know I slip into snark (more in real life than in my writing) and jokes when I am stressed, scared, worried, self-conscious, etc, etc.

The statement about learning to connect the heart and mind when wee write really resonated with me. Some of the writers that inspire me the most do that. Like Heather and her heart-gut or Stephanie. I think they both are great examples of writing, even about everyday things, from that place of quiet.

Chapter 8: Wild Mind

This chapter. This is what Bigger Picture Blogs is all about. Teaching you to stop focusing on the dot and to look at the wild part of your mind. To take in and focus on those clouds in the sky, that dust filtering through sun beams. The beauty that is found when we disconnect from the dot.

So much easier to read (and write) about than do!

She gave us a try this writing exercise on chapter 7, but it may be hard to execute…if you have time I would love to read a re-write. If you don’t how about a moment. Can you create a moment, where you are at right now?

Here’s Mine:

The wood frame of the old couch is digging into my shoulder-blade. It reminds me that this is old, like all our furniture, a hand me down. I wish we could move up, move on and get nice things, things we picked out. Those things are unimportant and I know it, which I why I sit with a frame digging in my back on an ugly flowered couch covered with a too big slip cover and laundry. The laundry is the real reason I can’t sit comfortably, its piled on the pack of the couch. Fleece and flannels, pink ballerinas, plaids and dinos. Winter clothes that need to be tried on and washed…..

Where are you at right now?