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Writing Me: Where I’m From {Liberty}

I am from where the creek runs through town, from Tang and fresh-caught dungeness crab.

I am from the blueberry inn, the rock wall with the rope swing, cedar lined closets, and the best seat in town on the 4th of July.

I am from the summer salmonberries and skunk cabbage, the limpets and goeducks.

I am from lazy Sundays and scenic drives, from perseverance’s stairs and the Causeway and polishing rocks.

I am from taking on too much, walking barefoot and microwave breadboxes.

From bears in the outhouse and shark-free seas.

I am from hell and damnation catholic school days, potluck Methodist nights and learning to dress for neither.

I’m from a small fishing village on a green isle, plank salmon and cheesy potatoes.

From the bikini briefs bear chasing, the devils club patch, and the day trips of Dad’s sailboat, from photographers and naturalists.

I am from old black trunks, slide reels, and sweet moss-covered boardwalks. I am grateful for this home harbor I call home.
Liberty MontanoKnitter. Soaper. Indie Dyer. Yogini. Photographer. Champion of Simple. Slayer of Good Grammer. Maestro of the ‘Mom’ voice.

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