Written to our Hearts {7 April}

♥ in a book Photo Credit Sarah Michael

Every week we share the harvest of intentional living by sharing a simple moment that has touched us or that has pointed us to the bigger picture. These moments from last week were like letter written to our hearts:

“On her way, little by little, rocks were falling out left and right, because her little tummy just isn’t big enough to rest the rocks against….” Rocks from Diet Coke on the Rocks

“Sometimes I start to get irritated when I hear that call…what could they possibly want at 6:25 in the morning?…” Starting the Day with a Dance – From Lemon Drop Pie

“Sometimes awareness comes in startling revelations. Sometimes there is a moment so simple that the stunning part is how subtly it clued you in to tiny revelations accumulated over time….” Capturing Imaginations – From Tasting Grace

“…looking into her fresh eyes and wondering vainly if there was any way… any way… they could’ve passed as he arrived and she departed.” Different Times, UnexpectedFrom  {Just} Lenae

NO! NO! NO! NO! She CAN NOT be crying again. It’s only been five minutes since the last time I went in there. I have things I need to be doing. Ugh….” Finding Peace in the Sacrifice – from Cultivating Rosebuds


Be sure to come by Alita Jewels Treasures tomorrow and link up your Simple Moment. It can be a photo, a poem, prose…anything that touched your heart and inspired you tee see beyond the sameness that can be everyday life. Be sure to include out button or a link back and you may see yourself here too.

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.


One response to “Written to our Hearts {7 April}

  1. I love these little snippets of last week’s posts! I’m looking forward to reading more simple moments this week!

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