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Writing Me: I Remember {Adrienne}

Writing Me is Bigger Picture Blogs series of writing exercises created to help our community dive deeper into writing, grow creatively, and learn about ourselves and each other. This quarter we are writing from the prompt “I Remember…” and each week we will feature one of our community members.

This week’s post comes to us from Adrienne.


I remember the dream fulfilled. Though I have no memory {no conscious memory} of the dreaming.

I remember that in those first moments alone with the brand-new-you, I too was made new.

I remember meeting your tiny feet, and knowing them as my own.

I remember the white of the sheets and your cottony soft swaddle.

I remember the quiet. And the morning light filtering through the hospital blinds.

I remember your wide awake eyes that seemed to listen and speak all at once…and that seemed bigger to me than half your little face. On that first, quiet morning your eyes invited me in to stay.

I remember the dream fulfilled.

I remember your early words and first steps, ever cautious, always clear and steady.

I remember the joy of walking with your tiny hand in mine.

I remember our face game. We’d sit for hours and mirror each other – starting with the “Oh” face,
we’d move through happy and silly and sad and mad…always ending with kisses.

I remember the dream fulfilled.

I remember when we met your brother. He was as noisy and restless as your were quiet and still.

I remember his cries, his chatter, his bumps and his bruises.

I remember watching you teach him. Anything. Everything.

I remember that the Little Mermaid grew into Dorothé, that Pooh grew into Power Rangers and
that they all turned into FRIENDS.

I remember the dream fulfilled.

I remember family dinners and holidays and devotionals and airplane trips.

I remember moving. A lot. And knowing that wherever we landed the four of us would always be there. Together.

I remember that church was “all that” and school was….well it just was.

I remember feeding friends, and driving friends, and finding friends sleeping on our couches.

Mostly, I remember loving all the friends and the activity that came with them!

I remember the dream fulfilled.

I remember first cameras, first trophies, first loves, first cars and first jobs.

I remember when you fit in, when you didn’t. When you cared. And when you didn’t.

I remember when I realized that you and your brother would always be best friends and

I remember when he stood next to you at your wedding.

I remember my early, Barbie playing days. The made up future me loved fashion, boyfriends, and her career. But never once was there a husband or any children. I didn’t know to dream of that. To dream of you.

I remember discovering my sweetest dream in its living – grateful that the keeper of dreams knew my heart better than I knew it myself.

I remember, and live, this dream fulfilled.

Adrienne is a 51 year old “empty nester” who loves scrapbooking, blogging, photography and camping. She shares her love for God, her family and her hobbies on her blog My Memory Art. Though it’s her job as office manager that helps ‘pay the rent’, it’s the creative, crafty stuff that she considers to be her real work.


We Are.. {Writing Me Wrap-up}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III, a community writing project to celebrate creative inspiration collectively, and as individuals.

We have shared our I Am Poem over the last several weeks and learned so much about who we all are.

We Are…

I am awake, alive, tingling with the excitement of a new day.

I wonder who I am and where this wonderful life will lead me.

I hear the golden chorus of epiphanies.

I see my words. They tip tap type across the page frantically sometimes trying to escapes the confines of my mind and find a life on paper before they get lost in the crevices of the mind.

I want to do it all flawlessly, effortlessly, gracefully.

I am a spy of hearts.

I pretend that I’m not running on empty.

I reach out and touch the ones I love to reassure myself that my world is secure.

I touch their lives, as they’ve touched mine. We shape and mold each other.

I worry that I will always love protectively, with my own interests in mind.  I worry that I will be a wounded wounder.

I cry easily – at poetry, at beauty, at the daily news, even at commercials.

I am a mess on so many levels.

I understand how little I know; how life is but a journey. And so I keep on, the constant traveler.

I say “who cares” and go about my day, my life and cherish EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

I dream in colors so vivid I can feel them; I believe in Truth, even when it’s not polite.

I try to right the path everyday, with His guidance and love.

I hope someday I will look back and remember that all this messy and crazy life was beautiful, too

I AM less than i want to be and more than i realize.  i am here, right where I AM.

We ARE a community of writers, creating art, together.


Live. Love. Write. 

Writing Me is going to take the summer off, we will be back in the fall with some new prompts and community created art.  you can still be inspired every Monday with our Creative Prompt on our Facebook Page.


* Each line of the poem above is credited to the writer linked up at the beginning (I am…). 

Writing Me… I am {Brook}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III, a community writing project to celebrate creative inspiration collectively, and as individuals. For the next few weeks, we will be writing the I Am Poem. Be sure to link yours up! This week, we’re sharing Brook’s.


I am undefined.
I wonder who I am and where this wonderful life will lead me.
I hear the voices in heart guiding me on a journey of self discovery.
I see pain, joy, sadness and hope along the way.
I want to be free to create and express myself.
I am a work in progress.
I pretend to be a mother, wife, athlete and writer.
I feel inadequate of these titles; I did not earn them.
I touch souls but do they touch mine?
I worry all the time about not being good enough or if I’m worthy of the “life” I’ve been given.
I cry tears of joy and sorrow; both cleanse my soul.
I am looking for answers.
I know I may never find them.
I say “who cares” and go about my day, my life and cherish EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.
I dream of a time when the bitterness in my heart is replaced with unrelenting joy.
I try to be the best ME I can be.
I hope to be better to grow and flourish like the trees in spring.
I am ME.

  Brook is a spunky redhead who shares her views on life, love, kids and the world via her blog Readhead Reverie. She never sugar coats it and never acts like she’s perfect, because truthfully wouldn’t that be so FREAKING BORING.