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BPB Reads: Poetry & More

April is Poetry Month finish off the month by making your heart sing with these poems from some of our favorites.

“The sands of my trials
Shift and move
Beneath my feet,
Until I am not sure
Where adversity ends
And faith begins.”

She wipes pan. Breakfast plate, while dinner cooks.
She knows that supper pot, so helpful, will be burden. Thankful, and  worn. I loathe you. But thank you (hiss I hate you.) 
The children have ice cream. Four more bowls. To clean.
Mommy why are you whispering?

Tinted windows and dust caked blinds
can’t obscure the tug of uncertainty.
Neither loud noise nor ear plugs
can drown out the mind’s chatter. In meditation, worry sometimes creeps in.
Not induced trance nor wanton revelry,
in tenuous times of invisible light,
when choices are unappealing or non-existent,
chance comforts while counting one’s blessings.

i bristle against the labels.
in or out
good or bad
right or wrong
Us or Them


We’re also reading…

“For perhaps the 5th time in her entire life there will be no bedtime songs. And you can’t take it back now. Or rather, you won’t, because you are convinced that it’s better for her to learn that her choices have difficult consequences…”
Heather at Everything Mom
“I was a drinking mother. Today I’m a sober mother and it’s been that way for one year and almost three months”