Introduction to Bigger Picture Moments

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments, a place where we step back and take in life. There are moments where we’re so caught up in it all, the hectic mind boggling pace of the day. We encourage you to take this opportunity to take a moment and view the Bigger Picture. Whatever that means to you. A moment where you recognized the role your faith plays in your every day life. A moment where you take note of motherhood and the importance of what you are doing. A moment that made you stop and smell breathe in the bigness of it all.

The hugeness that is life and the small moments adding up to one huge Bigger Picture.
We hope you’ll join us. Take a few moments. Think about your week, and pour however little or much onto a page. Then share. Tell us your moment. Link up, grab our button, and share your Bigger Picture Moment. And while you’re at it, share the love and check out at least one other participant’s moment.

We’ll be hosting the link up on Thursdays, the first on June 24th. Hyacynth will start us off, so make sure to head over to her home and play along!

Bigger Picture Moment


24 responses to “Introduction to Bigger Picture Moments

  1. Oh so much fund and great and meaningful stuff to participate in! Really…I can’t keep up. This is just such a great idea.

  2. Is the above button link working for everyone? It’s not working for me 😦

  3. Thanks, no… button link just won’t work for me/won’t load. Not having problems with any other button links. Haven’t a clue. Will just “fav” the site.

  4. O.K., it’s working now for me! You can erase all my posts! The way I got it to work “for me” was to go to your blog page (pbinmyhair), copied the button link code and then still had to add a space between the img src (because the image wasn’t appearing, but the button link itself was working sans image 🙂 At any rate… working! and happy now 🙂

  5. The code for the badge should be corrected now. WordPress has issues with “” vs ""

    Let me know if there are still issues.


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  12. Hoping to be a part of this! Sounds great, my photos and me can do with some practice. x

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  14. Great blog! How do i get to be a part of this?

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  20. Hi! I would want to join! Is linking ok or do I have to register or something? Thanks!

    • Some of the links are still open, so feel free to link where you can. However, please know that most people participated last week, so visits may be sparse from other participants. 🙂

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