Bigger Picture Moments

Whether you’re a parent or not life is busy, especially this time of year.

Often we get caught up in the day-to-day doing. The to do lists, the errands, the obligations. We lose sight of the little things.

The small moments of beauty.

The little pieces of the puzzle that make up the bigger picture.

Every Thursday we are encouraging you to actively seek the everyday moments that show us a glimpse of that bigger picture.

It can be anything.

It can be a photo finding beauty in spilled milk:

Spilled milkPhoto Credit Lisa Brewster

It can be finding humor in the mayhem of sick kids and parents.

It could be your personal journey of faith,  a journey down a new and changing path,  or a simple life lesson learned from a small child.

What you share isn’t as important as taking the time to sit down and find those moments. Amid fast-paced lives, sometimes we lose sight of the grander scheme; won’t you join us in trying to embrace and remember these moments – however small or large?

This week Melissa is hosting the link up. So please head over to Peanut Butter in Hair and share your Bigger Picture Moment this week. We can’t wait to read them.

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Bigger Picture Moment


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