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Write Pink! Prevention, Christine’s Story

Welcome to Write Pink! From the Head, Heart and Feet: Prevention Week. This week we’re focusing on the action part {hence, feet} of breast cancer awareness — what we can all do to lesson our chances of developing breast cancer.

Christine is sharing with us the benefits of mental health in regard to breast cancer prevention. I hope you’ll show her some love for sharing her eloquent thoughts.

She Gives

Her body a vessel of love
Forgetting herself
She brings forth new life
She gives of herself.

Feels the weight of the world
Nurtures and influences
Cares and nourishes
She gives of herself.

Suffers in silence
Under a blanket of burdens
Presents a happy front
She gives of herself.

She works, she delivers
Steadfast, her quest for success
Always moving, spinning
She gives of herself.

She forgets, in her giving
Loses her sense of balance
Stress envelopes and consumes
She forgets herself.

Move forward, new directions
Cultivate her self-worth
Uncover and step forward
She must take care of herself.

The path to good health
Winding and pressing
Connected to mind and to body
She must love herself

Remember, part of breast cancer prevention is good mental health and reduced stress. Take care of your mind, and it will take care of your body.

Additionally, Army of Women announced a need for women to sign up for a study researching the effects of yoga and how it relates to immune function and mood in breast-cancer survivors.
If you’d like to be part of this study or any study to help about breast cancer research, join the army today. {If you join, be sure to send your registration email to Melissa for a chance to win a bamboo viscose special edition women’s T shirt from Lil Bloo Boo!}

Christine blogs at Coffees & Commutes. She writes about surviving life as a full-time working mom.

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And to get you thinking …

How do you relieve stress? What do you do to keep your life outlook positive?