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Write Pink! Featured Post: The Miller Mix

For the month of October Bigger Picture Blogs will be hosting Write Pink! From the Head, Heart and Feet. Throughout the month we will be featuring both guest posters as well as highlighting stories of those members that linked up with us. Today’s post if from Kelly of the Miller Mix:

I’m Thinking Pink (for the record)

For the record:
200,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer
in the US this year alone.
1 of 8 in her lifetime:
Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends …

Following the rules won’t protect you.
Doing everything “right” is not enough.
We need more research and testing
and talking and laughing and sharing.

We need to remember we are
Strong. Confident. Intelligent. Brave. Talented. Aware.
And we are never, ever alone.
For the record.

We all know someone who has fought cancer. This is the month to share our stories, their stories.

I am partnering with Bigger Picture Blogs to listen and laugh and share in stories of loss and survival and strength.

And to further show my support, I’ve taken the the Love/Avon Army of Women pledge to help recruit ONE MILLION WOMEN of all ages and ethnicities to sign up and participate in breast cancer research studies. Go to Army of Women to take the pledge and join the campaign. Do it for all of us.

Won’t you take the pledge to Write Pink: from the Head, Heart and Feet?

Head over to Bigger Picture Blogs to start on your journey toward making a difference.

This week Write Pink! Is discussing Education at This Heavenly Life. Please stop by and read the stories of our guests, and come back on Thursday to share you own. This week we are giving away the newest edition of Dr. Love’s Breast Book (signed!) and a pair of organic bamboo pillowcases. You can still win the Lil Blue Boo special edition tee as well for signing up with Army of Women!