Bigger Picture Moments Feature: No Fear

As a way of strengthening community and promoting building relationships, we’re highlighting one Bigg er Picture Moment from every weekly link up. Each post is randomly chosen by Enjoy this week’s feature if you haven’t already read it.

No Fear by Tatiana at I Am Many Things:

My little girl

is not afraid to get dirty,

or take on things

much too big for her.

She doesn’t care that she’s much too little

to climb to the top by herself,

or take that necessary next step.

She just wants to greet the world…

And looks at me


what the heck I’m waiting for.

Good question Evie. Thanks for the reminder.

2 responses to “Bigger Picture Moments Feature: No Fear

  1. We can learn so much from our children!

  2. I just loved this. So true. And so applicable.

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