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Bigger Picture Moments: Hyacynth’s Thanks in Weakness

Every Thursday we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the bigger picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us?

Simple BPM

In November we are serving our moments up with a main course of Gratitude.

I have danced in the darkness of my heart with worry and fear and selfishness.

And in the shadowy recesses of my heart those weaknesses have grown.

While thankfulness has doused the flames of fear and love has weakened my selfishness and joy has robbed worry of its power, there still comes a time, when in the solitude and silence of life, that we must look our weaknesses in the eye, call them by name …

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Melissa was listed as one of the top 25 Mental Wellness Bloggers at Circle of Moms. Congratulations to Melissa and all the other writers!

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PhotobucketThis Wednesday you can link up with Alita for her new series Love it… Lose it… what are you loving this week? What could you spare to lose?

Have you joined our book club yet? Discussion for Chapter 1 is up and Melissa asked you to link you some free writing either form a meme like Five Minute Friday or to just write for five minutes on the quote. Have you linked up yet?

It’s a week for linky’s! The Writing me Linky is up and live and will be up for over a month! This month’s theme is “Where I’m From” if you’ve written a post to this poem, even if it was a long time ago, link up and share with us! We would love to get to know you and where your from.

Finally Sarah’s column at the Joplin Globe this week is about easing moms fears before surgery through a tour. Be sure to check it out.

What have you been up to this past week?