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Written to our Hearts {20 April}

♥ in a book Photo Credit Sarah Michael

Every week we share the harvest of intentional living by sharing a simple moment that has touched us or that has pointed us to the bigger picture. These moments from last week were like letters written to our hearts:

“But something in me just stopped and said not to worry about picking up right then…to just go BE and play with my girl. I’m trying to just BE in these moments, remember?”  Being Her Mom from Sarah at Racing Towards Joy

“”I love the blog you.” He says it and I struggle. I know he loves the regular old me too, I just don’t like the two being differentiated.
Because the blog me
 is me.”  Blog Me the Real Me from Kristina at A Joy Walk

“Potato Soup is my memory of waiting and being given random acts of kindness from strangers.” Potato Soup from Polish Mama on the Prairie

I used to think that I would remember all of the important things in my son’s life. The milestones which seemed so life-altering at the time, I thought they would be ingrained in my memory simply because of their importance. But they aren’t. Or rather, they are, locked away so safely that even I can’t access all of them. There’s a password that I set a long time ago and I can’t remember what it is. Fleeting from Ali at Ali N Son

Be sure to come by Peanut Butter in my Hair tomorrow and link up your Simple Moment. It can be a photo, a poem, prose…anything that touched your heart and inspired you tee see beyond the sameness that can be everyday life. Be sure to include out button or a link back and you may see yourself here too.

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Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.