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December Recap

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I don’t know about you but I am taking a deep breath and relaxing into this new year full of hope and energy (and more than a little ready to return to routine and order!)

A look back on where we were, when we weren’t here, in December…

Teaching a love of reading takes time, by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

Gluten Free Baked Good for Kids, by Hyacynth at CBS Chicago

Fixing a Picky Eater, by Melissa at Mamapedia Voices

Clean up Shouldn’t Steal Calm by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

Best gifts for Toddlers, by Hyacynth at CBS Chicago

Let kids Teach you What they Learn by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

While Lenae is adjusting to Baku she has some friend guest posting in a series called the Nomad Diaries, be sure to check it out.

We’ve wrapped up Write before Christmas and I hope it left you inspired because we have some fun things planned for 2012.

Don’t forget abut Writing Me (I know I need to update the page!) we are working on our Family Prose, be sure to share yours!

What have you been up to? Share it with us in the comment so we can stop by and catch up too!

Live. Love. Write


Catching up with BPB

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The briskness of fall is creeping into the morning and making me want to curl up with a warm cup and some good reading or to get in the kitchen and start baking! We’ve been busy so let’s grab a warm cup and catch up with our writers:

If you have written a Where I’m From post (even if it wasn’t part of our writing me!) be sure to link it up.We love getting to know you through them. Eleven people have shared so far!

Melissa was the featured voice at Mamapedia last week be sure to read her lovely thoughts on marriage and life.

Sarah disclosed her secret for getting her kindergarten to open up and talk at the Joplin Globe.

Hyacynth and Robin announced the October Simple Swaps project so be sure to join in!

Book club is not dead! Melissa took a much needed break this weekend but we will return this week with chapters 5,6 and 7 (easy reads don’t fret!). If you haven’t joined in it’s not to late! It’s an easy read and you can catch up in no time!

Pregnancy come with a lot of advice of “must have” stuff, much of which is not a must have. Sarah breaks down the must from the not needed for the Joplin Globe.

Hyacynth has the must do fall activities up over at CBS Local.

Did you know we’re on Facebook? We love chatting with you over there so stop by and say hi!

What have you been up to lately? Leave us a link so we can check it out! (go ahead, toot your own horn!)

#Help4Joplin- $100 Mamapedia Sweet Deal Credit

Welcome to the Help for Joplin Auction. For details on the who, what, when, and how please visit this post.

This hours item is:

Mamapedia is proud to support the families of Joplin, Missouri with a $100 credit on our website. Handpicked for the busy mom, our deals help you provide your family with the the products and services you already use and love at a great discount. You can use your credit towards any deal on our website, big or small.

Retail Value: $100

Bidding starts at $10 and increase by increments of $1. Your comment is your bid, please state how much you are bidding in the comment. If you are the first comment it must be at least $10. Each additional comment must bid at least $1 more than the previous comment. Please be as generous as you can! This is not about getting a good deal; this is about raising money to feed and house the people of Joplin.

The Auction will remain open for through 7 p.m. on Friday May 27. Winners will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to make their payment before we move on to the next highest bidder. Payments will be made as a direct donation to The Salvation Army listing the specific use as JOPLIN RELIEF. Your emailed receipt from The Salvation Army is your claim ticket to your prize. All receipts should be emailed to BPB4Joplin (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize.

*Disclosure: All items for the auction were generously donated by the companies or artisans listed and linked to. Bigger Picture Blogs and it’s writers have received no products or compensation for this event. All opinions are our own, all proceeds are being donated to the Salvation Army.