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Where are you from? {A Writing Exercise with BPB}

Community, intentional living, creativity, that is the core and heart of Bigger Picture Blogs.  Every week we ask you to join us on this journey with Simple Moments,  Bigger Picture. Our community has come together to Help Joplin and Raise Breast Cancer Awareness  and we have inspired you creatively through Write Before Christmas.

There is an old meme going around again recently called Where I’m FromWe have found it to not only be a great writing exercise but a beautiful look into a person and who they are, both things core to our BPB mission. So we have decided to take this little exercise and make it a feature here at our Bigger Picture Blogs community.

Starting on Tuesday August 9 we are going to feature a writer’s interpretation of Where I’m From. The first four weeks will feature our writers and their own submissions. Starting in September we want to feature you! We want members of our community to participate in this exercise, stretch their memories and flex those creative writing muscles. You can participate in two ways:

  1.  You can write your own anytime in the next 12 weeks and put it on your blog. Grab our button (above) and link HERE.
  2. Be one of our guest writers. Fill out this form and we will email you with the date and info for being featured.

We are excited to embark on this creative journey with you!