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It’s Our Birthday!! Celebrating TWO!

Years, that is. And a fabulous two years it has been. We’ve seen our community grow and shift and morph into a place of creativity and inspiration, but also warmth and encouragement. It’s not just us, either. It’s our readers too, who have brought both their words and hearts to our space. For that, we thank you.

And we celebrate!

Yesterday, the lovely Sarah of This Heavenly Life hosted treats in honor of the festivities. If you missed it and want to join in, feel free to bake a cake and link it up – or just peruse the list of goodies shared!

Today, in honor of the Big Event, we’ve partnered up in pairs, and each pair was assigned a prompt by the fabulous Hyacynth of Undercover Mother. The creative outpouring should involve both words AND photo, posted on each partner’s site. Link both posts up at Hyacynth’s to share what you came up with! Note: We’d recommend everyone include a line or two in their posts that says who was writer and who was photographer so we can all give props to each participant for their unique contributions and encourage visits to everyone who has linked up!

Everyone who participates in this 2×2 collaboration will be automatically entered into our giveaway! Prizes include this sweet creativity gift from Compendium and TWO free copies of Judy Reeves’ A Writer’s Book of Days!

Miss your chance to get partnered up? Never fear! We have a special BONUS prompt for anyone who still wants to join in! Here it is: For Me This is Heaven {Jimmy Eat World} All prompts are songs, so dive on in and let the music be your guide!

Happy Birthday Bigger Picture Blogs!!

Birthday Plans! We’re going to be One-Year Old!

This month, is one of  huge celebration for us here at Bigger Picture Blogs:

Our baby is turning one year old June 23!

I cannot believe that just one year ago, Melissa, Corinne, Sarah, Maegan and I were just forming the concept of what we wanted the Bigger Picture Blogs community to become!

My heart pounds with love and respect and awe at the friendships that have been formed out of this birth. And I’m left in complete wonder and admiration at the big hearts of the women with whom we are blessed to call friends.

Anyway, all of this calls for celebration!

So our Thursday, June 23 Bigger Picture Moment link up is going to be dedicated to honoring the very best of our community!

Please consider this your very personal invitation to our FIRST birthday party! Our party will be hosted at Undercover Mother, the very first hosting place of the Bigger Picture Moments meme.

 When you arrive that day, would you consider sharing your favorite Bigger Picture Moment with us {written by either you or another community member} and maybe add a few words about what this space for has come to mean in your life — be it in regard to creativity, intentional living or friendships?

Also, leading up to our fabulous first birthday party, we’d really, really love to feature some of the friends here at the Bigger Picture Blogs site who’ve become intergral parts of our community during our first year. Likely, that means you. Yes, YOU!

If you have a story of how a friendship blossomed through Bigger Picture Blogs or how perhaps participating in Bigger Picture Moments has encouraged you in someway, will you send it to me by next Wednesday, June 15? Hyacynthworth{at}yahoo{dot}com.

OK, so be sure to stop by June 23 to share with old friends and maybe meet some new ones as we celebrate our turning one year old!

There just might be a few treats to be had. 🙂