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BPReads: Wild Mind Chapter 11 & 12


We’re reading to become better writers, I hope you’ll join us on this journey! Details on the book club can be found under the Book Club Tab above. I will link each week’s discussion there as well.

Our first pick is Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg. If you want more information on Natalie and some video interviews with her please visit Open Road Media. Some of you asked, it is available in all versions of digital reader. See the Open Road Media site for details.

*sorry this didn’t go up last week, the internet at Relevant was soooooo sloooooow I couldn’t get it up!

Chapter 11: Reading


Reading to be a better writer, well we know a thing or two about that don’t we? What are your favorite or most inspiring bloggers when it comes to writing? What are your favorite books?

One of my favorite bloggers who inspires my writing is Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing. She paints beautiful words and says so much in so few words.

I already mentioned that Memoirs of a Geisha was one of the most inspiring books I have read. While at Relevant I had a great conversation with Leslie (a roomie) from Show the Wonder about inspiration that related to the Twilight Series. I can’t tell it as animatedly (you should really vlog it Leslie!) as she did but here is the gist; Twilightt may not be great literature, or great writing, but what Stephanie Meyer does really well is pull people into the story. She grabs you and you can’t stop reading. That would be something else I want to do capture a reader so they can’t stop reading.

Chapter 12: Do It

This chapter grabbed e right away since my first aspirations were to be a doctor I was in school to be a doctor…I am not a doctor! I liked how she described it as elemental, something in your veins. I think that’s true but I also thing it might not be obvious. Like the debate of nature versus nurture, sometimes it’s something in your nature combined with how it’s nurtured that provides an outcome. (Am I making sense? I’m a bit sleep deprived!)

I enjoyed writing in grade school and wrote stories and plays all the time. As I progressed into the upper grades though I focused on what I was good at, science. The need and desire to write laid dormant inside me until I had children, until I had really deep emotions that could only be processed through writing the words out.

How about you? Is it in your veins? Has it always been?

There are 3 “Try this”  for this chapter, the one I am most intrigued with is the schedule. Do you have  writing schedule? Do you stick to it? I would love to make this a reality because I have so many ideas in my head and I just want to write!

Writing Me: Where I’m From {Stephanie}

I am from crayons left melting in the sun,
from Kool-Aid and tying a sheet to the box fan in the hallway.
I am from the scratchy Powder Puff Big Wheel tires on the pavement,
I am from Juniper Street, metal swing set in the backyard
from the big oak tree in the front
(so wide my brother used to pee on it and no one saw.)
I’m from Irish lullabies and stumpy cankle legs,
from Wilsons and Maynards and Hoovers and Riddles.
I’m from the grudge-holders
and the people pleasers
from the guess what? chicken butt and home again home again jiggity jig.
I’m from I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart
and baptism and believing and falling and receiving.
I’m from zucchini in a southern patch,
General Mills cereal with prizes inside.
From the family trip to the Rocky Mountains and I touched a cloud.
The time my grandmother called me thunder thighs (never forgot)
in sticky spiral album pages were birthday parties and family reunions
Polaroids with black marker “Stephie age 1”
my Raggedy Ann wallpaper
crying when I turned twelve because I didn’t want to ever turn thirteen
the canopy bed.
I am from that little girl, never knew she’d be big so fast
she had no clue and
I am glad.

Stephanie Precourt journals her daily life with four kids at her blog, Adventures In Babywearing, and also writes parenting news at Strollerderby and NWIparent Magazine. This past spring she directed and produced a Listen To Your Mother show, featuring live readings about motherhood.


Writing Me is a community writing project. We’d love to have you join us. 

BPB Reads 20 May

Some of the things we’re reading this week that have spoken to our hearts and minds….

  • “I don’t know what sends me over the edge more:

    The tantrumming child that kicks me in the face in the Target checkout line or the one who- while his sister is freaking out- says, “Mommy? Mommy? I’m being a very good boy, riiiight?” The Juggler from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing

  • “Holding onto everything. 
    Long spindly legs with
    stretching bruised legs
    Bits of conversation
    falling to the grass blades and
    popping like soap bubbles.” Practice from Musings de Mommy
  • ” I remember sitting perched on the edge of the soccer fields, leaning against the only tree, flipping through my dictionary and jotting down words with an inky red pen.” – I Remember from Sarah at Momalon
What are you reading and loving this week? Please share with us in the comments.