Sarah wants to be a writer someday, so she spends most of her time reading, as evidenced by the teetering stack of novels decorating her bedside table.  Instead of cleaning, she reads.  Instead of exercising, she reads.  Instead of writing, she becomes intimidated by engrossing stories, and still she reads.

But since joining the blogging community in 2008, Sarah has begun to explore the words hiding behind her fingertips and letting them spill all over the keyboard.  While her dream is to write fiction in a family-supporting way, for now, she writes about life and motherhood at This Heavenly Life. She’s also been the author of her local newspaper’s parenting advice column since 2010.  You can usually find Sarah bemoaning the passage of time while her three babies grow ever older, but sometimes she finds the meaning behind it all.  Small bursts of clarity in the middle of the clutter. Bright spots within the fuzz of everyday static.
Sarah is determined to seek the joy, dismiss the doubt, embrace the mess, and love the life.  She is a structured procrastinator, a scattered organizer, and a terrible housekeeper.  But she is happy and she is hopeful.  She is determined to be a writer, and so she will be.  As soon as she finishes reading just one more novel…


Get to know Sarah through her writing:

Love Scene

He’s Scandinavian I’m Argumentative

How to Manage a Grower

Let Blushing Begin

Heavy Metal

Sarah’s Blog is This Heavenly Life and she is @HeavenlyLife on Twitter


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  1. OMG Love your soap opera titles!!!!

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