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In this family {Melissa}

Welcome to part two of Writing Me, our community writing project intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

During the next eight weeks — through the end of 2011 — we’ll be writing our In This Family prose.

In this family we do messy.
Messy food, messy crafts, messy hair and messy people.

We do fun, and laughter and music.
We sing silly songs.
We make up the words as we go.

In this family we do rough.
Rough housing, rough playing, rough paths walked.

We do grace.
We do forgivness
We do LOVE.

In this family we do LOUD.
We also do REALLY LOUD.
We rarely do quiet.

We do our part.
Everyone has a part and a place.
We pitch in, we help one another, we hug.

We create.
We dream BIG.

In this family we live life to the fullest.
We go barefoot in the grass
We jump in puddles
We eat outside.

We get dirty.

In this family we do warmth
(but not the thermostat kind because we do frugal too)
We do kind and generous
Helpful and gracious

We open doors.

Create bonds.
Share knowledge and wisdom.

In this family we travel the road less traveled.

Hand in Hand

Always together.

Always faithful.

Melissa is mom to 3 kids (9mo-6yrs) and 1 angel. She used to dream of traveling the world, now she dreams of a clean kitchen. She writes about all the sticky bits of motherhood at Peanut Butter in my Hair, and hides from her children on Twitter (@PBinmyHair).


What do you do in your house?

The only real requirement for linking up with this meme is to write out your In This Family prose.

Also, we’ll be featuring three In This Family prose pieces here! Please fill out this form if you would like to be featured here.

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Bigger Picture Moments, Melissa’s Togetherness

Simple BPM

We went on vacation this past weekend. It was more comedy of errors than rest and relaxation. It may have been a disaster, but it was also… 

 ..the first time in weeks (months?) my husband and I have been able to talk for more than 5 minuted uninterrupted (thank you in car DVD!!!!!) 

 …the first time in weeks that all five of us spent any time together as a family of five other than at the dinner table 

 …the first time in weeks (months?) that we did something and occupied the same space as a family of five other than Church on Sunday’s. Which still often finds us separated. Me in the cry room the kids with friends.

To read the rest and to add your own Moment please head over to Peanut Butter in my Hair, we’d love to have you! Remember no moment is to small, to everyday, to not be cherished and remembered.

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.

Bigger Picture Moments, Melissa’s Fireflies

Simple BPM

My brain is in overdrive.
Part of it is from the conference I was just at, part of it is…I don’t know hormones? Maybes baby girl is my muse since I have just felt like a fountain of creativity and inspiration since my third trimester.
A tired inspiration.
Since I have a new baby.
Who is teething
Oh and I have two other children, a house, a husband…
Ideas, dreams, flittering around in my head like fireflies on a summer night.
Waiting to be caught. 


To read the rest and to add your own Moment please head over to Peanut Butter in my Hair, we’d love to have you!

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.