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Creative Inspiration


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

I believe that quote to be so very true. I look at my children and they are creating all the time, in every action, game, craft. They look around and they see the beauty in so many things that adults over look.

I try very hard to foster and encourage their creativity. To allow their talents to shine through, to teach them that creativity needs to be practiced and nurtured. One of my goals this year was to take at least 3o minutes a day to be creative, make something, do something creative. Lately with the hustle and bustle and lack of sleep that has mostly been playing with and editing my pictures for my 365 project.

One day a few weeks ago now, while we were still having our unseasonably beautiful weather I was sitting outside watching my kids run around and play with the other (6!) kids that live on either side of us.

It was the end of the day and the kids were getting wild and a a little crabby. The littlest one was clingy and climbing on everything. I sat there watching and honestly as a little detached. I was thinking of the things I wanted to do, needed to do, writing in my head.

So I got up and decided to make art.


I drew scribbles and squiggles and started to color with chalk. It was not the art I wanted to create but it was art none the less.


Soon all the kids were with me creating. It was not the art I had set out to do in the morning but it still filled me. The creativity renewed me. It inspired the kids, who wwent off to make more “Art Squares”.

All it took was taking the initiative to make the time.



Do you need a push to be creative today? Head over to our Facebook page and check out our creative prompt, see where it takes you.

Monday’s on the Bigger Picture Blogs Facebook page we’re going to introduce some Creative Inspiration. We will post 1-3 words and encourage you to roll those words around in your head and be inspired. Use them to propel you out of the Monday funk and into a creative mood.

Use them as you will.

Take a Photo
Write a Poem
Write a post
Write two sentences
Paint a picture

The point is to use them to infuse your Monday with 5 minutes of creativity.

There is no link up, no need to post by a certain day. Just inspiration and creativity on what could be an uninspiring day.

We encourage you to write on our Facebook wall or leave a link with what you were inspired to do.

Live. Love. Create.

Have you written about creativity? Do you want to guest post for us on the subject? Just email Melissa at PBinmyHair (at) gmail (dot) com 

I am… {Melissa}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III A community writing project  intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

For the next few weeks we’re going to be writing through the I am Poem. We start this week with Melissa.

I am a mom, a wife, a writer, dreamer, a believer, ME.
I wonder everyday if I’m doing this life right. I wonder what tomorrow brings and who my children will grow to be. I wonder about them and I wonder about me.
I hear the silent rhythm of a house asleep. A stolen moment all for me. I wrap it around myself and hug it tight because it won’t last. It never lasts.
I see my words. They tip tap type across the page frantically sometimes trying to escapes the confines of my mind and find a life on paper before they get lost in the crevices of the mind.
I want to give the words a life, a home. I want to send them forth into the world and watch them evolve and change. Like my children are evolving and changing around me almost by the minute.
I am a mom, a wife, a writer, dreamer, a believer, ME

I pretend to have it all together. To do it all and with out steering the ship off course. I’m good at pretend.
I feel anxious and wobbly. It’s hard to keep the boat afloat when you shove all the things you don’t wnat others to notice down below the deck.
I touch everything. All day, touch, pick, do, move.
I worry that I am not doing this life right. That I am ruining my children or missing moments. I worry about the big and unimaginable and I worry about the worry.
I cry for lost days, lost lives, lost loves.
I am a mom, a wife, a writer, dreamer, a believer, ME

I understand that I am more than these words typed on a page as first thoughts come to mind.
I say I am a writer, a dreamer, but is that all part of the pretend?
I dream that I can make those words true, that I can step up to the top deck of the ship and steer the vessel without feeling wobbly.
I try to right the path everyday, with His guidance and love
I hope I am doing this life right because
I am a mom, a wife, a writer, dreamer, a believer, ME.
I am all these things, and more.


Melissa is mom to 3 kids (9mo-6yrs) and 1 angel. She used to dream of traveling the world, now she dreams of a clean kitchen. She writes about all the sticky bits of motherhood at Peanut Butter in my Hair, and hides from her children on Twitter (@PBinmyHair).

2011 Best of Bigger Picture Moments {Melissa}

We’re easing into 2012 and looking back at our favorite Bigger Picture Moments of 2011. You can join in on Thursday by coming back HERE and linking up your favorite moment from the last year.


This is Melissa’s 

If you truly want to feel this moment, I suggest listening to this while you read it. 


The late afternoon sun is streaming through my kitchen window. The sunbeams dance across the counter and bounce off the bits of chrome on the blender sparkling like diamonds. I am barefoot (always) wearing a red checked apron, left over from my Halloween costume (Betty Crocker). I decide the afternoon needs music and pull up Dean Martin radio on Pandora. I’m humming along, dancing a little bit and smiling.

This is not the life I dreamed of, but I love it more than I imagined.


We dance around our small kitchen. Not even a real kitchen just a half galley, one counter, a small space between a stove and sink separated from the rest of the living space by a counter/breakfast bar. We are practicing some dance steps for our wedding, dancing and laughing to Rosemary Clooney’s Hey Mambo!

We are young, in love! The future is unknown and can be anything we dream of. It’s a blank canvas laid out before us full of excitement and adventure and most of all love.

I dream as we dance laughing at how different I thought my life would be.

This is not the life I dreamed of, but I love it more than I imagined.


In my college dorm room I’m sitting cross legged on the floor with friends. We are laughing and talking, discussing our dreams, or plans our future.

I will be in health care. I’m going to be working at Children’s Memorial. Living in Lincoln Park in a beautiful old brownstone. I will walk everywhere in fabulous shoes. Marriage? Oh yeah, someday. Kids? Not until after 30. I will be independent, have a career, be on my own first. Stay at home, be a wife and mom? Oh no! That’s not me, that’s so 1950s. I am a modern women I will hold a fabulous job and still be a mom.

This was the life I dreamed of, I never imagined not having it.


I grab that same man, now 10 years more mature. Braver, smarter, more amazing than I ever imagined. We dance around the kitchen to the same mambo. Crumbs stick to our bare feet, we side step a teething toy thrown at us, twirl around the tackle of a four year old and side step the baby.

This is not the life I dreamed of, but I love it more than I imagined.

I never imagined I would love being a mom so much that my heart literally hurts form love.

I never imagined that I would grow to enjoy being in the kitchen; Planning cooking and providing for my family.

I never imagined I would stop working.

This is ot the life I dreamed of, but I love it more than I imagined.

So we dance, new steps to the same old song and we dream of the future, and where it will take us. I’m sure it’s nothing that I can imagine.


Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.