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A Canvas of Evergreen: Creative Inspiration

The smell of pine is in the air, and the soft boughs of the Christmas tree beckon to be decorated in strings of popcorn, and ornaments that have seen more years than any of the generations placing them on the branches.

It’s a yearly tradition, and one that we relish with glee, especially now that the boys are old enough to understand it all.

Our tree is an empty canvas ready to be painted with decades of memories, twinkling colors and the sparkling of glass.

As I unwrap each ornament from the safety of tissue paper and boxes, memories flood my brain. “Remember when,” I say to my husband and we smile in unison. The boys look upon each dangling bauble with wonderous eyes longing to hear the story behind each one. The littlest one yelling “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.”

It’s enough to make my heart burst.

We place each memory carefully on the branches. Adjusting, looking for the perfect perch from which to display each precious ornament. The balance of decorations must pefect, not too many too high or low, or in the front or back. The placement of lights takes great care and concentration.

And when the last decoration has been hung we take a step back and admire our glowing masterpiece, and  I smile at all the memories that combined to make such a glorious sight.

Now it’s your turn to light up your creativity, you can…

Write a post.

Paint a picture.

Snap a photo.

Create an ornament.

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Thankful for Creativity and Creators

Thanksgiving is Thursday….THURSDAY!!!

How did it get here so quickly?

It feels like just yesterday I was baking in the sun watching fireworks on the fourth of July, or buying school supplies for the big kid. Time just zooms right by, but one thing remains our blessings, big and small.

So, I want to take a moment and show my gratitude for creativity.

To those who create beauty

with words,

with photos,

with the swipe of a brush

or the click of a knitting needle


Your creativity whether big or small does make a difference and your little bit of inspiration will produce even more artistic expressions.

Now let’s celebrate creativity today.

All it take’s is five minutes

You can ….

Write a blog post

Snap a photo

Paint a masterpiece

Are you ready to inspire and be inspired?

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Capturing Time: Creative Inspiration

Tick. Tick. Tick.


It just keeps going.

No matter how much we want to stop it. That clock just keeps turning over minutes.

One after another.

Hour after hour.

Day after day.

Month after month.

Year after year.

And eventually ten years have passed and you sit and wonder, “what just happened?”

Each year, during the time change, I vow to use that extra hour, and make the most out of those minutes.

Capture it.

Hold on to it.

And cherish every last second.

Whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad.


And so often in the craziness of our lives it’s hard to take the time to be creative to find those few minutes between work, school, dinner and sleep.

But yesterday, when the clock said 5 am, but really it was 4, I took a leap, seized that illusive hour and held on tight.

Because time is precious and I’m not going to waste one minute.

It’s time to take five minutes

You can …

Write a post.

Compose a poem.

Snap a photo.

Or sketch  drawing.

Seize the minutes and head on over to our Facebook page for today’s prompt.