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Writing Me: “In This Family” Wrap-Up

We were delighted and inspired by the unique posts crafted in the “In This Family” format (inspired by several pieces on Pinterest, and Emerging Mummy’s fabulous staircase).  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing through the list of everyone who linked up with their “In This Family” posts!


“In this Family we see one another through faith-colored glasses | then inspire with hug-words |and love-verbs.” -Stacey/ Musings in Simplicity


“In this family we inadvertently hurt others but we always (eventually) forgive | In this family we are always safe.”  -May/ Achieving Clarity

“We love to sing | Taylor Swift and Def Leppard; | Our own crazy made-up songs; | And Jesus Loves Me.”  -Ginny/ Lemon Drop Pie

“We are building a house where… peace and justice meet | the outcast & the stranger bear the image of God’s face…”  -Lindy/ Who I Am (…& The Full Plate Crochet)

“… you might find | firefighter pants and a rainbow-haired wig and a sparkly tutu | on the coffee table | and you surely will find picture books everywhere | except, perhaps, on shelves.”  -Robin/ The Not-Ever-Still Life

“In this family we do rough. | Rough housing, rough playing, rough paths walked. | We do grace. | We do forgiveness | We do LOVE.”  -Melissa/ Peanut Butter in my Hair

“Our laughter is the size of the moon, | just as bright, and it fills the world with more light.”  -Alita/ Alita Jewel’s Treasures

“We do loud a little better than whispers.  We love hard when it’s hard to love.  We celebrate what’s right instead of only seeing what’s wrong.” -Hyacynth/ Undercover Mother

“We’re pros at free-throwing forks and spoons straight from the dishwasher into the silverware drawer.  We excel at selecting the perfect pair of superhero underwear to express how we’re feeling today.”  – Lenae/ {just} Lenae

“We swell and pulse with glowing light until we become more full and promising than the sum of our broken parts.”  -Sarah/ This Heavenly Life


Curious about our Writing Me community projects?  You can read more about them here.

And be sure to check in next Tuesday, when we announce our next Writing Me theme!


Writing Me: In This Family Prose {Lenae}

Welcome to part two of Writing Me, our community writing project intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

During the next eight weeks — through the end of 2011 — we’ll be writing our In This Family prose.
In this family we hide around the corner and scare the crap out of our family members when they come walking by.  We pledge our loyalties to Marvel (not DC!) comics.  We have a dance party during the closing credits of every movie we watch – “Shake your booty, Mommy!”  “Uh… shake yours!”

In this family we unwind with Lego construction and run-and-tickle sessions.  We appreciate a good wrestling round (“Watch out for the baby!”) and a tall stack of pancakes.  We’re always up for a jaunt to the playground.

We’re a passionate, motley, sometimes sloppy lot, but we excel in a few things:

In this family we greet Daddy with screams of excitement when he arrives home from work.  We tell baby sister how sweet she is and give her kisses when she wakes from a nap.  We’re pros at free-throwing forks and spoons straight from the dishwasher into the silverware drawer.  We excel at selecting the perfect pair of superhero underwear to express how we’re feeling today.

In this family, we’re careful with those we love.  We’re mindful of the power of words, so we choose the ones we use carefully.  We leap onto couch cushions and from one adventure to the next, and the faces we look for –as we glance back in mid-air– are the ones of those who love us most.  We crash along in the sunlight of His love and grace; we envelop one another when the skies turn grey.  In this family, joy born of love is our currency, and we’re rich with it.


Lenae Ross

Air Force wife managing 4 little troops at home. My patience, faith, and laundry pile are ever growing.

What do you do in your house?

The only real requirement for linking up with this meme is to write out your In This Family prose.

Also, we’ll be featuring three In This Family prose pieces here! Please fill out this form if you would like to be featured here.

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Pre-Relevant/Chevy Drives Bigger Picture Blogs Tweet-Up!

Bigger Picture Blogs is going to The Relevant Conference and we want to take you with us!


We mentioned that Melissa and Hyacynth are kicking things off with a live tweet-up for those of you in the Chicagoland area: (You can get more details and RSVP here.)

We didn’t want to leave anyone out, though.  If we could fit you in our suitcases you would all be coming with us! So we are hosting a Twitter party tomorrow night, Tuesday the 25th of October, while we’re at our event!

B sure you are following us:

We’ll start the party at 8:30 CST Tuesday, Oct. 25 using the hashtag #ChevydrivesBPB.

Our theme is “Roadtrip Survival”.
We will be giving away TWO $25 gas cards and a week in a Chevy Traverse!*

{You can read more about the Traverse here:}

If you plan on popping into the party and want a chance to win, please link your Twitter handle in the linky below.

See you tomorrow!

Disclosure: Our trip to Relevant is being generously sponsored by Chevy’s Driving the Midwest who has given us a tank of gas and a Traverse to get there. Our ride is also being fueled by Kawa Japanese and Asian Cuisine, Dr. Reena Jacobs of The Healing Groves, Curves of Lake County and Little Lake County, each of whome have provided gas for the trip. All opinions expressed are our own.

* Open to US residents, no purchase necessary. Winner must be 21 years or older, and for the Traverse must live in the state of IL and be a licensed driver.

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