Bigger Picture Moments – Featuring Lisa

When we meet next week, we’ll begin celebrating a new theme for April: PLANT. Whether we’re celebrating the arrival of spring in the evidence of plants all around us, placing something in the ground so it can grow, planting ideas, or planting ourselves, in April we will spend time ruminating on the growth of great things from small beginnings.

Please join us on Mondays, when we’ll be sharing POETRY, with a link up right here on Bigger Picture Blogs.

And come back again on Thursdays, to find inspiration in the small and big moments of our fellow community!

In what ways do you find meaning in the word PLANT? Share it with us this April!


In the meantime, today we are wrapping up March’s theme for Bigger Picture Blogs with a final word on rejuvenation.

This comes from Lisa, of Diapers, Coupons, and Bills:

That’s why people tell me I look exactly the same – because to them I really do. That’s why my husband tells me I’m beautiful every day – because to him I really am. And that’s why I’ve had such a hard time believing that the beauty is still there – because I had heard it from everyone but myself.

Be sure you read her post to find out how to rejuvenate your sense of beauty in yourself, especially in the badges of honor you carry on your body after birthing children!


Link up your Bigger Picture Moment from this week here! As always, please link back to this post in your post and PLEASE VISIT AT LEAST the person linked before you! Creativity flourishes in community!

 The Linky is BROKEN this morning! Let’s link up in the comments below! Remember to mingle around!


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