Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Musical Inspiration the Encore

The notes have been played and the inspiration has been found in this month’s Musically inspired posts by our writers.

Hyacynth – “And we find the layers of our soundtrack –the harmony, the melody, the chords — are just clothing to the lyrics we’ve been trying to undress from our first night drive.”

Alita – “We are emotionally attached to these songs that make the soundtrack our lives.”

Jade – “I couldn’t even tell you in words what this song speaks to me, I can only dance it. It makes me want to cry. And it makes me want to dance.”

Melissa – “Someday I will get it out…the way it plays out in my head….but for now I listen and I imagine it and I wait for the words and characters to find their way out of the song and into my hands.”

Brook – “I love this idea of a theme song, something by which to define us and drive us.”

Our community {including YOU!} submitted songs for our Musical Inspiration playlist, which can be found HERE.

And as we give our final encore of our musical inspiration I’d like to leave you with a little video, of what HOME means to us. Inspired by our musical prompt Phillip Phillips song HOME.

Thanks for joining us on our musical journey, and look for more inspiration coming in March.