Reading Circles: Where We Read


In an interview with Huffington Post, one of my new favorite authors, John Green, divulged that his favorite place to read is “in this chair in my living room that is the most expensive piece of furniture I will ever own. I don’t even know if the chair is comfortable so much as I’m constantly aware of how much it costs, and that makes me want to spend a lot of time in it.” (full interview here)

I’m the kind of reader to read just about anywhere. My parents would send me to bed when I was a child, and I would clamber into bed, pull my book up to my bedroom window and use the light reflected from the living room where my parents were watching TV to continue reading whatever book it was I couldn’t put down (my poor eyes seem to have survived). On long road trips, I’d stretch out across the back seat and read the entire ride. (Can’t do that anymore…I get headaches now!) When I was in university, the Harry Potter series hit bookshelves and I would smuggle the book into class and read in between taking notes. When I joined the working world and had 45-minute commutes each day, I couldn’t read, so I listened to books on tape. Some days I would get so into the book, I’d pull into my driveway at home and sit in the car to listen to just a little bit more.

Nowadays, I do most of my reading curled up on our couch or in bed. The Kindle has made bed reading extra nice because you don’t need both hands to prop open the pages, and you don’t have to keep flipping over to get the best angle on each side.

The last book I read there? Jenny Lawson’s (aka The Bloggess) Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which was kind of funny but also kind of not, and mostly kind of tiresome. I need to find a new read to get lost in!

How about you? Where do you like to read, and what did you last read there?

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