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What Your Theme Song?: Creative Inspiration

I’m alone in the car.

It’s a rarity, and I take full advantage of it. Cranking the radio, and belting out songs, looking like some nut job who’s talking to themselves.

Then “the song” comes on the radio. You know the one that just makes your heart burst, your toes tap and voice sing.

I turned up the radio a smidge louder, and break out into full on American Idol singing, and start dancing in my car seat.

Once the song is over, I’m winded and breathless. I’m also empowered, inspired and confident.

It’s my theme song.

What? You don’t have a theme song.

Perhaps I’m dating myself, but back in the late 90’s a show called Alley McBeal gave all the characters their own theme song. One song that defined that person, and it would give them the spark they needed to make it though a tough day.

I love this idea of a theme song, something by which to define us and drive us.

My theme songs have changed over the decades. Matching my moods and the changes in my “oh so crazy” life. Each genre has been accounted for over the years. Hair bands, Bon Jovi anyone? Or cheesy club music like the Spice Girls. Even country (yes, you heard me right). Some are bittersweet. “Butterfly Kisses” was the father daughter dance at my wedding and played at my father’s funeral.

But no matter what emotions all these “theme songs” invoke, each one represents a key element of my life and who I am; a veritable soundtrack of my life so to speak.

Who knows where my next theme song will come from, but for today it’s this

And it makes me feel right at home.

Do you have a theme song? If you do share it with us and we will add to our BPCREATES musical inspiration playlist.


Philip Phillips song Home is also our musical inspiration for this month, use it to inspire a post, a photo or a playlist.

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